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The Newsette is the stylish way to stay in the know on the go. We deliver the day’s trending topics, style news, pop culture highlights, and Instagram inspiration right to your inbox in an easy-to-read mini magazine. Full of conversation starters for the style-minded, it’s as integral to your morning as a cup of coffee.
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Every weekday morning we'll send you a short & sweet e-mail newsletter filled with content you'll love. We also include some of our favorite pics from Instagram, and top it all off with a section at the bottom dedicated to what our readers crave. Become a Newsette and sign up above! We promise, you'll be glad you did. Still not sold?

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"I have officially found myself refreshing my email every morning waiting for my Newsette to pop up! It's been exciting finding out positive news and fun tips in such a short and sweet news(ette)letter! If you aren't addicted yet, just wait because it's just a matter of time!"


“The Newsette literally has everything I need to start my day. It has fashion, beauty, tips, awesome Instagram pics, and breaks down news that everyone's talking about. Its cheeky personality is so refreshing, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm obsessed."

- Melanie

"The Newsette is the perfect way to stay in the know while on the go. Since I'm always busy, it's nice that they read everything so that I don't have to! It really is the perfect way to start your morning."

- Ana

"The Newsette is like opening up an e-mail from that friend who always knows what to wear, eat, know, and do. The info is so relevant, and I can't wait to open tomorrow's!"