Chances are you’re probably thinking of ways to begin investing— so why not start with yourself? If you think about it, you’re basically like a piggy bank. And every time you hone in on a new skill or improve yourself in any way, you’re throwing some nice crisp Benjamin Franklins inside. Sounds good, right? We agree, so we’ve listed three of the easiest ways to start investing in yourself below. You can afford it, trust us.

Take online courses.

Even if your current job description doesn’t require knowing Excel, Photoshop, or digital media, it’s always a good idea to hone in your skills. Knowing how to expertly crop a photo or whip up a spreadsheet can separate you from the pack, and help you get promoted or land your dream job. It also keeps you current, ensuring that you don’t get professionally left behind.

Use your vacation days.

The only way to stay a lady boss is to maintain an internal smiley face emoji and avoid burnout. One easy way to refresh is to take some of your vacation days to either go on a mini vacation or do something relaxing. Once you’re recharged, you’ll be able to come back 10x stronger than before.

Update your LinkedIn.

Whether you love the site or hate it, LinkedIn is probably a very important part of your professional life. Recruiters are constantly combing through profiles to find a perfect candidate, and that means that your profile should be in tip-top shape at all times in order to score your dream position. Just taking the time to give your profile picture a check-up, update your information, or add recent connections can be a career-changing move that will help you build a stronger network.

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