It’s easy to think that everyone around you has it all figured out— and that you’re the only one in the room who doesn’t. But as much as you may believe that the girl sipping wine beside you at a networking event was born cool as a cucumber, her mind is probably swirling with similar thoughts. We all feel out of place sometimes (whether we’re at a new job, in a new group, or attending a new workout class) but it’s the way you respond to the stress that decides how much you get out of the experience. In the name of being fearless and stepping out of your comfort zone, we’ve listed three ways to overcome that “what the hell am I doing here” feeling, and actually enjoy your next anxiety-inducing event below.

Talk to someone

The last thing you probably want to do is talk to anyone while you feel like you’re internally climbing Mount Everest, but we promise it will help get rid of first-time jitters. Whether you approach someone from across the room or just start a conversation with the person sitting next to you, once you do it you’ll feel all of your anxiety melt away.

Go in with an open mind

Going into a new place with any preconceived ideas about how it’s going to be is basically like telling yourself you’re going to hate being there. Instead of psyching yourself out before you’ve even walked through the door, try keeping a completely open mind. Who knows, you may actually really like being there and go back again!

Give it your best try

Since you’re already there (feeling friendly and with an open mind) try to get the most out of the experience. Only then, will you be able to correctly evaluate whether you want to go back again (or stay far, far away).

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