The best way to move toward your dream career is to constantly be learning skills that are pertinent to success in your industry. The people who stand out during an interview have secret weapons in their toolkits that others do not, like knowing how to craft the perfect marketing e-mail, being an expert in excel, or having mad photoshop abilities. The best part? You can learn hundreds of these essential skills (without having to give up your weekends) on Skillshare. We’ve partnered with them to break down some of the most important skills to learn ASAP for a major leg up in your industry, all of which you can conveniently learn via their platform. In honor of this partnership, Skillshare has generously offered to give Newsette readers three months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99, which means access to their entire catalog of over 18,000 online classes! Get excited and read about a few of the career-boosting courses they offer below.

Writing. Part of being a successful professional is having the ability to pitch yourself. If you need help in that area, don’t be afraid to take a course that can help you discover your best assets and learn how to communicate them. Then, send your ideal employer an e-mail using what you’ve learned and lock in an interview.

Email marketing. Lately every company has been trying to bulk up their e-mail lists to maximize their marketing efforts. Wouldn’t it be great to offer those skills on top of your already existing job title (we smell a raise)? Skillshare has a quick and easy video on that.

Microsoft Excel. Being able to organize and process data will make your boss’ life a lot easier, and earn you some serious brownie points. Instead of trying to learn it yourself (did we mention it can be really confusing?) let someone show you the ropes.

Photoshop. Nearly every company could use someone to create graphics or edit photos, so why not become your future firm’s go-to person? Employers will recognize the advantage of having a team member who can work with Photoshop, meaning your resume will likely end up at the top of the pile.

SEO. Learning the ins and outs of SEO is extremely important for you aspiring bloggers out there. SEO allows those with a website to boost their search engine rankings (which means more eyes on their content), without having to spend a penny on marketing.

* Interested in adding one or two of these skills to your resume? Click here to get three months of Skillshare Premium for less than a dollar (while supplies last).

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