I’m Alex Aster, an author who runs a blog. Writing is a tough industry, full of deadlines and long hours, which is why I try to prioritize self-care. After all, when I’m feeling my best, I do my best work. Thinking about taking care of my health usually materializes visions of my Midtown gym and the salad I had for lunch. BUT, I’ve read enough health articles to know that vitamins are the missing piece of my healthy-person puzzle. I recently started taking HUM supplements, recommended to me by their nutritionists, and here is how each one is helping me slay my busy work week.


I have a huge deadline, so I’m in front of my computer, writing non-stop. Midday, I’m really grateful for HUM’s Uber Energy, an adaptogen blend that helps me remain calm in stressful situations and supports adrenal balance for consistent energy. The word consistent is important to me, since I’m practically best friends with the post-coffee caffeine crash. Plus, with potent adaptogens and natural ingredients like Vitamin C and Ginger, I’m definitely on board.


Tonight, I have a media event I’m really excited about, so I especially rely on my daily dose of Red Carpet—a unique blend of plant-based Omegas and Antioxidants that promotes glowing skin and shiny hair. Preparing myself for my new radiant reflection—and wondering if I’ll soon need sunglasses to look into the mirror.


Sitting at my computer, preparing for an important meeting—and I feel ridiculously bloated, thanks to my soy sauce and sushi lunch. Not fun. I immediately remember to take HUMs full-spectrum digestive enzyme and herbal blend Flatter Me, which helps digestion and relieves the bloating and fullness I’m feeling.


It’s starting to feel like that time of the month… great. Luckily, there’s a HUM vitamin for that! Moody Bird helps maintain a healthy hormonal balance and is an ally against PMS symptoms, which is good because I usually just so happen to lose all of my friends and family those seven days… weird.


This week has been BUSY! And the only thing I want to do on a crazy, wild NYC Friday night is…..(drum roll) sleep. On my walk to bed, I grab a Beauty zzZz, aka, my key to a restful beauty sleep every night. Lights out!

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