We asked, and you answered. Thanks to all 122 of you loyal readers who submitted your favorite skincare products, Newsette HQ truly can’t wait to try out your picks! From the perfect cleanser to a must-have mask, these products cover a wide range of skin types, concerns, and price points. Scroll down for a selection (it was hard to just choose 20!) of the to-die-for products you, our incredible readers, recommended.

Normal/Combination Skin:

“It smooths everything out and apparently everyone thinks my skin looks amazing.” – Juliann P. from San Francisco, CA


“I use it every other week in the winter, and more frequently in the summer. I mix it with ACV and leave it on for 30-45 minutes (it recommends 20 but I leave it on for a bit longer). When I take it off, my skin is BABY SOFT and is always smooth and radiant afterwards. It has cleared up some breakouts I’ve had and generally made my skin look amazing after I use it.” – Devon F. from Lancaster, PA


Brightens the skin, cleanses deeply, and gently exfoliates with lycopene from tomatoes. The number of compliments I received once I began using this cleanser was crazy.” – Tara L. from Brooklyn, NY


“This Clinique product never fails to give your skin the great moisture it needs.” – Grace S. from St. Louis, Missouri


“This product gives me a glowing complexion and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.” – Ioana L. from London, UK



“So many things! It refreshes my skin, reduces flakiness and redness, and helps my face absorb oil and moisturizer better. I decant it to a mister bottle and misting my face in the morning feels so good, and when I need a little wake up in the afternoon I’ll use it then as well.” – Heather M. from Kerrville, TX


“It intensely hydrates and soothes inflamed skin! I mix this every morning and every evening into my face lotion. It has completely healed my skin of scars and dryness, and now I have a healthy GLOW.” – Caroline D. from New York, NY


“This product is super hydrating. It is an added bonus is that it also helps fight against wrinkles too.” – Anna-Lena N. from Toronto, ON


“This product brightens the entire eye area and gives the delicate skin under your eyes a much need punch of moisture.” – Maureen H. from Philadelphia, PA


“This mask gives your skin refreshing hydration. The product makes my skin feel fresh and clean, even after a super long flight.” – Cathy N. from Las Vegas, Nevada



“Brightened my face so much, helps with dryness, keeps face soft and no acne since began using it, which is rare as I usually get a pimple or two monthly.” – Sarah S. from Sellersburg, Indiana


“This product helps to exfoliate and plumps and makes your skin glow even when you have a make-up free face.” – Anna A. from New York, NY


“This product plumps the skin and keeps it from feeling tight without ever feeling oily or heavy. Also helps clear acne and removes any redness!” – Haley F. from Palm Harbor, Florida


I use it every night to wash my face to restore a clean, oil-free face that isn’t dried out. I started using it over 10 years ago and I NEVER wash my face with anything else. The blend of clays, other ingredients, and menthol leave my face feeling refreshed and happy every time and the balanced pH it creates combats acne formation.” – Victoria C. from Basking Ridge, NJ


My skin started glowing almost immediately after I started using it.  My friend commented on my skin when we were out and said it looked amazing and asked what I had been doing. It was the serum!” – Phoebe B. from Arlington, VA



“This product visibly reduces pore size. It also helps even out your skin tone.” – Leila B. from Virginia Beach, VA


This product brightens my acne scars, smooths my skin, takes away redness, and hydrates without being too heavy for oily skin.” – Elizabeth G. from Irvine, CA


Brightens my skin while simultaneously calming it down and making it less inflammatory. Magic!” – Shama S. from Dallas TX


Chemical exfoliation that leaves your skin baby soft.  Absolute HG item, I use this two times a week and my skins texture has greatly improved.” – Ariani O. from Chicago, IL


“This product hydrates my skin, leaving it smooth. I absolutely cannot start my morning without this.” – Carol C. from Diamond Bar, CA


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