Anyone who travels frequently knows the stress of packing much-needed essentials in a carry-on bag. To fly like a pro, you need any number of items, including moisturizers, snacks, and even entertainment. So, what should you pack to ensure a relaxing ride? We’ve turned to the experts for our new segment where we ask successful women who travel often, What’s In Your Carry-On?
Alex Williamson is the Chief Brand Officer and third hire at Bumble. At her highly coveted job, Alex has been instrumental in launching both Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, as well as promoting the brand’s mission of ending misogyny. Alex attributes her endless drive to her fashion blogger mother, who is her biggest role model–and when she’s not working, she loves spending time with her beloved dog, Simba. As a leader at a global company, Alex travels in a month more than most of us do in a year. Wondering what this Bumble boss packs in her carry-on tote? Find out below. 
How often do you travel? Are these trips mostly domestic or international?
Honestly, I spend about half of every month traveling–both domestic and international. We have offices in Europe and Australia, teams in Canada and Mexico, and we’re continuing to grow!
What type/brand of bag do you use as your carry-on? What do you like about the bag?
I love my Mon Purse tote. It’s a custom yellow Bumble and it’s the perfect size to fit under the seat. I love the fact that these bags can be customized based on what you like and are personalized, while still feeling very chic. I also have a girl crush on the founder, Lana Hopkins.
Must-have carry-on items

  1. Reverie Shampoo. My skin is super sensitive, so I can’t use hotel shampoos. This is an all-natural, non-toxic shampoo that smells like a dream.
  2. Air Pods. I’m in constant contact with my team, because we have offices across the globe –  and it can be so much easier to just hop on the phone.
  3. Bumble baseball hat. I always love to rep our brand and it’s helpful to have a hat on long travel days. Plus, I might be biased, but we have the best merch!
  4. Calm Magnesium Powder. This has become a ritual for me when traveling internationally. I drink it before I go to bed and it calms me down to sleep. Plus, it helps me adjust to the time difference.
  5. Eye mask. So that I can sleep better anywhere I go!
  6. Prive Reveaux sunglasses. Who travels without sunglasses?! But seriously, Prive Reveaux has so many cute options and they are all at such a great price.
  7. One Love Skin Savior. I’m definitely a fan of natural skincare and it’s essential to have multi-tasking products when you’re traveling. This balm has become a staple for me, because it can remove makeup and moisturize.
  8. Stan Smiths or Golden Goose sneakers. You have to have a comfy shoe if you’re going to be in the airport or if you’re going to be on your feet all day.
  9. Cozy sweater or sweatshirt. Comfort is key and it’s usually freezing in the airport!
  10. Vintner’s Daughter. This is another one of my favorite natural beauty products. Your skin can get so dry when you’re constantly on a plane, and this face serum absolutely saves my skin.