Thanks to NYFW, the last few weeks have provided an influx of new and enticing fashion-focused content. Our Instagram feeds are hosts to a never-ending cycle of catwalk stills, behind-the-scenes makeup looks, and supermodel selfies. While we always love seeing material from elite heavy hitters like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, and Oscar De La Renta, newer designers are simultaneously churning out fresh new apparel of a similar caliber. Below, we’ve organized a round-up of fabulous designers you might not have heard of, but should definitely know, in honor of September fashion month.


Designer: Ditte Reffstrup

City: Copenhagen

Launched: Founded in 2001, switched to current direction in 2009

Their Style: A playful-meets-Scandinavian-minimalism design aesthetic encompasses versatile pieces that seamlessly fuse into any wardrobe. Their pieces are designed for a girl that is not afraid to style a feminine wrap dress with a pair of edgy western-inspired boots. The Ganni girls embody the “effortlessly cool” style we all covet.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Space Cowboy Tees, Floral Wrap Dresses, White Ankle Boots

You’d See It On: Camille Cherriere, Lucy Williams, Jenny Walton

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:


Designer: Katherine Holstein

City: NYC

Launched: 2016

Their Style: Self-dubbed “The Feminine Unique,” Khaite takes basic wardrobe staples to new heights. American sportswear is catapulted into the 21st century with pieces in which classic femininity is infused with a sense of of-the-moment modernity, think Jackie-O-meets-2018. The designer defies style norms by juxtaposing expertly-crafted structure with comforting softness.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Blouses and dresses with unique sleeves, next-level denim

You’d See It On: Rebecca Rittenhouse, Lily Aldridge, Sabina Socol

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:

Cult Gaia

Designer: Jasmin Larian

City: Los Angeles

Launched: 2012

Their Style: The beauty is in the details of the label’s self-proclaimed ‘Objets d’Art.’ Cut from an array of materials that range from wood to acrylic, each uniquely-shaped bag is a visual treat. In March of 2017, they launched apparel that embodies the same breezy, island-ready aesthetic of the label’s accessories.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Open-weave bamboo clutch bags

You’d See It On: Practically every fashion influencer on Instagram

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:


Designer: Alexandra O’Neil

City: NYC

Launched: 2017

Their Style: Dresses fit for an evening soirée in an array of textures and prints–think sequins, floral appliqué, and metallic brocade. Inspired by a celestial energy, O’Neill’s pieces are beloved by It-girls with full social calendars. They are created to “remind you of a moment in your life.”

Claim to Fame Pieces: Outside-the-box party dresses

You’d See It On:  Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, Hilary Rhoda

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:

Brock Collection

Designer: Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock

City: Los Angeles

Launched: 2014

Their Style: Sophisticated and refined beauty brought down to earth with their NYC-meets-LA design aesthetic. Their alluring dresses fuse whimsicality and romance with structure and immaculate craftsmanship. The designers seem to be fans of floral and lace, as both tend to hold a solid presence in each of their collections.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Victorian-inspired floral midi dresses

You’d See It On: Margot Robbie, Sarah Paulson, Emily Ratajkowski

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:

Johanna Ortiz

Designer: Johanna Ortiz

City: Colombia

Launched: 2001

Their Style: Eclectic, vivaciously feminine pieces infused with the designer’s native Colombian heritage. Lots of romantic silhouettes, most of which are decorated with vibrant colors and flirtatious ruffles. Her super flattering pieces are reminiscent of a Latin strength and sensuality-each one is begging to be taken on a romantic getaway!

Claim to Fame Pieces: Ruffled blouses and romantic red-carpet-ready evening wear

You’d See It On: Lilly Collins, Bryce Dallas Howard, Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:


Designer: Simon Porte

City: Paris

Launched: 2016

Their Style: While his color palettes are muted, his construction is anything but. Porte reimagines traditional shapes to create modernly feminine pieces.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Sun hat of giant proportions, asymmetrical dresses

You’d See It On: Pernille Teisback, Alexa Chung, Pandora Sykes

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:


Designer: Hannah Weiland

City: London

Launched: 2013

Their Style: Weiland’s love of modern art is evident in her eccentric prints and playful textures. Originally launched as a faux fur collection, Shrimps is built around a desire for sustainability, using only ethically-sourced materials. So not only can you feel good about purchasing these pieces, her playful designs will actually make you smile.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Pearl-embellished mini bags

You’d See It On: Pandora Sykes, Alexa Chung

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:

Saks Potts

Designer: Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks

City: Copenhagen

Launched: 2013

Their Style: Scandinavian style gets a quirky injection with unusual approaches to traditional silhouettes. Unafraid of color, their collections are full of unique furry coats in a variety of funky prints and hues. The designers exhibit a modern take on sensuality with an enticing dose of old world glamour.

Claim to Fame Pieces: Fur-trimmed coats, shearling jackets

You’d See It On: Gigi Hadid, Jeanne Demas, Adwoa Aboah

This Season’s Pieces We’d Add to Our Closet:

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