As many people in relationships know, when you’ve been with someone long enough, they can start to mirror you in style, food preferences, favorite TV shows (when he pretends not to like the Bachelorette but watches every episode with you), and even the products you use. Suddenly, your bottles of beauty essentials empty faster, and it dawns on you that maybe he’s realized that coconut-infused moisturizers are actually life-changing. But now, as payback for all of the times he’s stolen your stuff, we’ve partnered with Port Products–the men’s skincare brand that women have started to stock up on–to compile a list of items that you should be swiping from your S.O.

His oversized watch

Oversized jewelry is having a moment (we see you giant hoop earrings), so join the trend by stealing your S.O.’s go-to watch. He might be late to his meetings, but at least you’ll look incredibly chic. Bonus: Wear it over a sweater to help it fit you snuggly while starting your own fashion trend.

His eye cream

If you’re anything like us, your S.O. probably steals all of your beauty products (hello, spot treatment that’s magically empty)–but now it’s your turn. This product was developed for men, but the brand was shocked to learn that women were actually buying up this wrinkle-fighting, dark circle-reducing eye gel because it helps you look like you got 8 hours of sleep, for a fraction of the $$$. Plus, it’s loaded with sea kelp and algae, which help you naturally lock in moisture and pump your skin with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that give you that glowing look. Try it for yourself here and use code “NEWSETTE” for $20 off.

His dress shirt

With colder temperatures right around the corner, we’re finding any way to look stylish at work, without sacrificing comfort. Borrow one of his button-up dress shirts (white works, or be bold with a print) and pair it with a sleek belt, leggings, and booties. Comfort with a side of style.

His fancy headphones

If your man likes his gadgets, test some out before you splurge. Thinking about adding to cart those new wireless headphones? Ask your S.O. if you can try his for a week, so that you don’t end up buying something you never use (because, let’s be real, we all have that drawer where electronics go to die).

His baseball cap

Got bedhead? Instead of wasting time doing your hair before an early morning workout class, reach for his college baseball cap and hide all signs of frizziness. Plus, it will keep the sun out of your face for an easy anti-aging hack.

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