Sara Panton is the co-founder and CEO of Vitruvi, the beautiful diffuser used by fans across the globe–including celebrities. Sara grew up in a small farming community on Vancouver Island, and started her brand after trying to make her own essential oil blend, while studying preventative medicine. What began as a side-project, with Sara and her brother building diffusers from their apartment, has turned into a full-fledged business, with the mantra of making products to “help women take care of themselves so they can take on the world.” Now, Sara leads a team of which 75% are females under 30, and works with the charity OneGirlCan to support women in Kenya. Can you smell the eucalyptus yet? Below, this wellness boss shares her relaxing nightly routine. 

6:30 P.M. Unless I have evening plans, I usually wash my face as soon as I get home from the office. It is truly a ceremony and ritual that helps me feel like I’m starting the next part of the day. In the winter I cleanse with organic coconut oil and 2 drops of organic lavender essential oil mixture (1 tbsp) and in the summer I love Drunk Elephant cleansing bars.

I turn my diffusers on as soon as I get home. My favourite blend for the fall months is 8 drops of cedarwood and 8 drops of bergamot essential oil. I put that on in my living room and add 15 drops of Dusk blend to my bedroom diffuser. I put my living room diffuser on the 3.5 hour setting then use the 7.5 hour setting for the one in the bedroom so it continues diffusing as I’m falling asleep.

7:30 P.M. I do a yoga class or run at this time. I do this every evening, I really don’t like sitting and a lot of my day is sitting in boardrooms, at desks and in meetings. So I really look forward to moving in the evening, and either listening to a great playlist and processing the day or a podcast I’ve been looking forward to. It’s when most of my most creative ideas come, and where I’m reminded of the larger goal and vision of Vitruvi. I do a power flow class most days that is 75 mins long or a yin class that’s later in the evening if I’ve had a really intense day or have done a long run the day before. I usually change right into clothes for a jog or yoga. I’m loving workout clothes from the European company vaara. They recently sent me a few pieces and I love the way they fit for both yoga and running.

9 P.M. I eat dinner around 9pm, and it’s usually relatively the same thing, either a big salad with arugula and brown rice or red lentil pasta with a bunch of vegetables and a homemade dressing that has the following in it: 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp organic avocado oil or olive oil, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 2 tsp nutritional yeast. And I always finish with dark chocolate 🙂

9:30 P.M. I know people say that you shouldn’t do work before bed, but often I quite purposefully don’t address things that are not incredibly urgent in my inbox during the day. When I’m in the office I’m there for the team, and to help keep the momentum going in all departments. My routine as of the last couple of months is to make a cup of Golde (I like the cacao one) and get through all my emails. I don’t like going to bed with any left, it’s usually around 100 in any given day and I’ve gotten pretty efficient at rolling through them quickly.

10:30 P.M. I have a bath, with salts and our essential oils. This has been my ‘thing’ forever and lots of our early blog articles and website pages were built while I was in my bathtub. I love using 5 drops of Quiet Blend or 8 drops of Geranium oil in the bath.  

11:30 P.M. I go to bed around 11:30pm most days. I read a book before sleeping, usually something completely different than my days, typically having to do with Buddhism or Zen philosophy, or maybe a business book or design book.

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