#WomenWhoTweet is our November weekly segment, in collaboration with Twitter, celebrating inspiring women who are using the platform to forge connections, market their personal brand, and interact with other females from anywhere in the world. Through this 4-part series (this is part 3!), these impressive women are sharing their tips on how to find success on Twitter, so that you too can use the app as an extension of your resume. Today, we’re chatting with Brooklyn Decker, the Sports Illustrated cover model, actress who made her feature film debut in Just Go With It, and tech startup founder of Finery, the app that lets you move your wardrobe to the internet. With her creation, you can easily keep track of the items you own, plan outfits virtually, see how long you have to return newly purchased products, and much more. Talk about a dream come true for us fashion lovers. Below, this incredibly impressive multi-hyphenate tells us about building a successful business, how she approaches social media, and much more.

You are a unique entrepreneur in that you were an actress and well-known public figure before starting Finery. Which skills from your other careers (like modeling and acting) are surprisingly applicable in the startup world?

The rejection stings a little less when you’ve been getting it for over 13 years! In film and television, you are constantly working with different crews. Each crew is comprised of different departments; at times it can feel like you are working in a silo, but because you have one common end goal each team relies on the other to reach that goal. It’s very similar in startup culture. 

As an actress, entrepreneur, and mother, you are the definition of a dynamic woman. How do you decide which parts of your life to share on social media? Is there anything that’s off-limits?

For as open and candid as I am, I probably don’t post as much as I “should” on social media. I’m a big believer in being honest about my experience in entrepreneurship, motherhood, etc., because it’s the only way I know how to be. But I stress MY experience here because my kids’ experience is off limits. I had the luxury of making that choice for myself. One day they will decide for themselves what they want to share. 

Who are three people you follow on Twitter that you believe are doing a great job using their voice on the platform?

Chrissy Teigen is the best follow on Twitter. Hands down. I love Jake Tapper; he seems to have a lot of integrity. Lin Manuel Miranda is doing everything right. 

You have a massive audience on Twitter and constantly interact with fellow female entrepreneurs. What tips can you share with our readers on how they can engage with others in their industries and grow their professional networks via the platform? 

I have downright followed investors (specifically female VCs) and asked to meet with them during a raise. Worst case is what? They don’t respond? Okay fine. People can feel bogged down by all the inbound emails every day, for some reason Twitter doesn’t feel like that. Plus, it’s a really good way to learn A LOT about a person in a short amount of time. 

Who is one person you follow on Twitter that you’d love to power brunch with? What is your favorite and least favorite hashtag?

As I was going through who I follow on Twitter—I realized what an ass I am because I have been able to meet so many of these powerhouses. Because of that, I’ll say Derek Waters (history buff and hilarious human) or Dolly Parton (no explanation necessary). My favorite and least favorite hashtag is actually the same: #kimexposedtaylorparty. It was one of the crazier nights I’ve seen on Twitter and I was so sad for how brutal everyone was, but also endlessly entertained by the cleverness of Stan Twitter. People were going off. Twitter was lit, as the kids say. 

How has being an entrepreneur changed your life? What has been your most rewarding moment since starting Finery?

Entrepreneurship has challenged and tested me in ways I didn’t know were possible. It’s a constant challenge. The good news is that the rewarding moments happen daily when a Finery user comes up to me and says we’ve created the thing she’s always dreamed of, or she has more time with her family because of Finery, OR she scored a promotion she was after because Finery helped her get ready! It makes everything worth it.