Intern—a mystery-cloaked word we hear constantly throughout college, and in popular culture through hit movies like The Internship and The Intern. While a job requiring getting coffee for everyone in the office and getting paid next to nothing (or, quite literally, nothing), comes to mind, we wanted to explore what it really means to be an intern. We already take you into the morning and nightly routines of successful women, and into the day-to-day jobs of employees across the country. Now, say hello to Intern Diaries. Below, a twenty-five-year-old intern tells us about her experience.

Age: 25
City your internship took place: Detroit
Industry: Nonprofit
Internship Title: Marketing Intern
Salary: Monthly stipend of $1k
Duration: 6 months

What does your internship title mean?

My main project during the internship was to manage their social media channels. My director didn’t have a lot of experience in social media strategy so it was a chance for me to take the reins, teach myself, and really get creative with my approach. I was able to create video content to promote their annual report online, I project-managed the rebuilding of the company website and drafted copy for the website, press releases, and the annual report. I also did a lot of administrative work for events.

Were you close with any of your team members?

I got close with an associate in the startup/venture department. He was the closest person to my age and had a lot of insight and connections to the startups in the city.

What were your favorite parts of the role and why? 

I have to say that I am most proud of my accomplishments with social media.

What was your morning routine? 

I started a new morning routine during the internship. I woke up at 6:30am, tried not to look at my phone (usually failed) and journaled or read “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. I brushed my teeth and then headed to the gym for an hour session. Got home by 9am, turned on some Salsa music, showered, made a protein shake for breakfast, and packed my lunch. Got to work by 10am (I lived 10 minutes away). Once I got to work, I started by checking my Feedly so I knew what was happening in the news and the city, and planned for relevant social media posts.

What was the most shocking thing that happened during your internship? 

When I received props for my social media work at a company luncheon! It definitely boosted my confidence!

What did your evening look like after work? 

Normally, I came home or went into the office to work on my other digital strategy gig for 1-2 hours (gotta make that money). Around 6pm I would make dinner and finish the night with my shows, currently obsessed with “Mistresses” on Hulu and “Ozark” on Netflix.

What were the coolest perks of this internship? 

The company outings and parties didn’t hurt. The most valuable part of my role was being able to network and meet people. Oh! And lots of free La Croix!

What is the most important thing that you learned in this position? 

Every internship is different. Some have a lot of work for you to do and keep you busy. Some have less work for you and you have lots of free time. For the ones that have a lot of free time I learned that it’s important for you to use this time to either ask to help out with other projects or teach yourself. If you don’t know about a certain aspect of your job, look it up, find newsletters that keep you in the loop, do things that can add to your portfolio, read articles and studies. Overall, leave the internship with enough knowledge to get to the next level, wherever that is.

Would you work for this company if they offered you a position? 

Yes! I absolutely loved it. Fortunately, I secured a full-time job because of a connection made at that company.

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