Amy Shapiro is a registered dietitian and nutritionist who has run her practice, Real Nutrition NYC for over a decade. An expert in the wellness field, Amy is a contributor for major publications such as Vogue, Women’s Health, MindBodyGreen, and Well + Good. She also happens to be the dietitian behind the TV show Alone. Before becoming a nutritionist, Amy had another career, but had always fostered a love for mindful eating, thanks to her father being in the health food industry. Below, this wellness guru shares everything she eats in a day.


What I eat: I always have water with lemon before anything and then coffee (black) after I get my kids off to camp. Then post-workout I had a smoothie. My fridge is pretty bare these days since my kids have been at camp so I resorted to my freezer and still had a Banana and Wheatgrass smoothie from Daily Harvest. I used unsweetened almond milk as my base and added one scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and one scoop Moon Juice protein powder for staying power. It was delicious. I now understand why everyone puts bananas in their smoothies. I usually skip it. Lesson learned!

The time I eat it: 10:30 A.M. post workout and post coffee.

How I make it or where I get it: Blended it up nice and thick in my Vitamix. I had it in a nice tall glass at home, if on the go, I carry it in my wide mouth S’well bottle.


What I eat: I don’t often have a morning snack since my breakfast is a bit on the later side. If I do it is usually very very dark chocolate. I’m talking 90%. And one or two pieces does the trick.

The time I eat it: Usually about 2 hours after breakfast for a quick pick me up.

How I make it or where I get it: Whole Foods is where I usually pick up my chocolate but now even corner delis carry the dark stuff.  


What I eat: Salad topped with ¼ avocado and leftover cooked veggies and grains from last night’s dinner. Since I stay away from animal protein during the day, I make sure I have enough grains and cooked veggies from the night before to bring with me the next day. I tend to pack lunch on most days since I get pretty busy at work and don’t always have time to run out to pick something up (ugh those lines!).

The time I eat it: 1:30 P.M.

How I make it or where I get it: I layer my glass container with greens—today was arugula and quickly chopped up tomato, cucumber, carrots and scallions. Then I added the avocado, leftover veggies and grains. A squeeze of lemon and tossed it into my bag. A few pine nuts on top for added flavor!


What I eat:  Cut up veggies (I also bring them with me in my Stasher bag) dipped into a Lavva Coconut “dairy free” yogurt.  It is tangy and not too sweet and I have a bunch in the fridge at work (thanks Lavva!) so I use it as a dip often. So good.

The time I eat it: 4:30 P.M.

How I make it or where I get it: Lavva sent me a whole bunch of yogurts (job perk) so I keep them stashed in the fridge. I give them out a lot to clients to try but the rest are all mine! YUM.


What I eat: Turkey Tacos at home. Well, Turkey Taco Veggie Mash up we’ll call it.

The time I eat it: 8 P.M.

How I make it or where I get it: My kids had homemade turkey tacos for dinner (before I got home), we have a wonderful nanny who cooks when I can’t (yay!) and I ate the leftover meat on top of some veggies I quickly sautéed in my cast iron skillet (not sure what I would ever do without it). Tonight it was cauliflower rice, Swiss chard, onion and mushrooms (this takes no time at all). I usually add a dollop of hummus but since my fridge is pretty bare I was all out, so I made do. I really enjoy a hot meal at night so I rarely have salad for dinner. But I always have leftovers from my kids. Good thing they eat the same foods as my husband and I with slight variations.


What I ate: A tablespoon of almond butter.  It always hits the spot especially when I mix it with some cinnamon and local bee pollen for crunch. YUM!  With a cup of hot tea (love tea) from Tea Pigs. Recently I am into their Peppermint Licorice flavor, it’s so good!

The time I ate it: 9 P.M.

How I made it or where I got it: Measure out a tablespoon (yes I said MEASURE!) and mix it with a dash of cinnamon and bee pollen. Eat it straight off of the spoon.


Workout I did: Worked out with my trainer at The Live Well Company in Tribeca. We meet twice a week and lift heavy sh*t, mostly kettle bells and functional movement stuff. It works.

The time I did it: 9:30 A.M. Hence pre-breakfast and post-coffee. I can’t workout on food.

Overall thoughts about your day today and how you feel

I have pretty good energy on most days and if I get in a workout I feel on top of my game. Also, when I have time to pack and bring my own food to work I feel much better than when I eat out (no bloated belly!). I am really struggling with an empty fridge. I rely on a few products regularly and when I’m all out I really feel it. 

What are other wellness activities or habits that make you feel like your best self?

I exercise most days of the week and if I don’t I just feel off. I love being active so if I can walk home from work then I’ll fit that in too while listening to a podcast. My husband and I don’t always eat dinner together but family time every day is super important to me and a must. I love cooking and find it to be a great stress release. A visit to the farmers market always makes me feel like I’m living my best life.    


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