Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and co-founder of Peanut, an app connecting like-minded mothers. Launched in 2017, the company has not only become a prominent voice for modern motherhood, it has also garnered a huge community of over 500,000 women. The Today show even called it the “app to change your life.” Before becoming an entrepreneur, Michelle was an M&A lawyer at leading international law firm Mishcon de Reya. She later joined dating app Badoo, where she eventually rose to the role of Deputy CEO. Along with running her business, this founder is also a mother to her own four-year-old peanut, Finlay. Below, Michelle takes us through her busy nighttime routine, showing just how much work it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 

6:30 P.M. Dash home from the office to make bedtime. That last hour in the office is always so frantic as I know I am going to be offline for 2 hours, (and it’s prime time for the East and West Coast in the US)… If public transport looks bad, I jump in a cab, or I try to time office departure with my husband.

I usually burst through the door to find Finlay in his PJs, waiting impatiently for his bedtime story. We head upstairs for bedtime reading, and, most importantly, the best and worst thing about his day.

7.20 P.M. Quick check of the emails to see what I’ve missed during bedtime, and then I head into my room to take off my makeup and switch into, well, I admit, a variety of loungewear. I pride myself on loungewear–never will you find such an extensive collection (I am a real homegirl). Current favorites are Madeline Thomson (if I have a video call, I can just about pull off that I am still in work-wear whilst being cosy). The dream is removing makeup with Eve Lom and then a slick layer of Barbara Sturm Face cream. But, often it’s a quick removal with face wipes (and then I use the Sunday Riley Luna serum before bed).

Once I’m changed, I head down to make something to eat. I really am a terrible cook, so it’s usually fairly basic, or I order in. I sit with my husband in the kitchen to run through our days, and catch up. It’s the only time in the day we speak with no crazy domestic life (puppy, Fin) or any devices around.

If I have an event after work, it’s great to use the extra hour in the office when it’s quiet to get to all of the emails at the bottom of your inbox–you know the ones which have been there for too long. Then I go to the bathroom at the office and slick some mascara on before heading out. Something I’ve learned along the years, always keep a change of clothes in the office, you just can’t predict the state of your outfit after you’ve done breakfast and the school run (my white wool trousers have been sacrificed for that cause).

 8.30 P.M. Usually I start work again for several hours. Sometimes at the dining room table, sometimes on the sofa (depends what work I still have to do). Thursday and Friday I will also most likely have a glass of Italian red (it’s the small treats). Often I have some calls to make with the US, and it’s a great time to read the latest datastack from the team (without the office distractions).

10 P.M. Sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 I try to stop working, and start to wind down. I often have insomnia, so I have to be prepared for the lack of sleep on nights I work past 11:30. Sometimes my husband and I will watch something together (the new House of Cards is on the agenda), or sometimes I listen to a podcast–usually one not related to work. Serial is great, or Oprah’s Sunday Soul Sessions. Ideally, I might also read something before bed, but usually I am out of time, and I’m thinking about the 6 hours before the alarm clock of puppy and Fin will be greeting me! Final check of my calendar for the next day is somewhat of a ritual, and, in a slight hangover from my days as a schoolgirl, I do actually mentally plan what I’m going to wear (is that sad?). Jeans, sweater, and flats is my uniform.  

12 A.M. If I’m struggling to drift off, I’ll listen to a sleep story on the Calm app, which is amazing. Oh, and less in a bid to Holly Golightly, but more related to my terrible sleeping habits, it’s lights off around midnight with earplugs and an eyemask.

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