There’s only one thing girl bosses everywhere crave even more than rosé on a summer Friday: a good night’s sleep. We all know the torment of tossing and turning, scrolling through our phones until we reach the depths of Instagram and getting so desperate for zzzs that we actually start counting sheep. But not anymore. Meet your new bedtime hero: SugarBear Sleep, a new (delicious) gummy vitamin that uses 5-HTP, magnesium, valerian root, and more to help you achieve deep, restorative rest every night. In the spirit of sweet dreams, we asked you for your best-kept sleep secrets. Find a selection of our readers’ best tips for a night of dreamy zzz’s below. 


Taryn H. from Raleigh, NC says:

“I know you’re supposed to be “unplugged” 1-2 hours before bed, but watching face massage videos on Instagram is by far my favorite thing to do when I’m trying to fall asleep. I find it super soothing and relaxing. Following along with the videos also helps me release tension I carry in my head and neck and always puts me in the mood to sleep.”


Briana C. from Nashville, TN says:

“Every night before I go to bed, I set up lavender essential oils to be diffused while I write 3 things from the day that I’m grateful for in my journal. The scent helps me to recognize that it’s time for bed, writing helps get me away from my phone screen, and the 3 grateful things remind me of the good that each day brings.”


Jenna M. from Brooklyn, NY says:

“Magnesium and a Himalayan sea salt lamp! The former to help you wind down, the latter to read by without too much light. It sets just the right ambiance.”


Eva D. from London, England says:

“I stop “screen time” at 9pm – that means no phone, computer, iPad, TV… even your Kindle (switch to a paper book)! You’ll find yourself getting sleepy in no time and having a restful night.”


Carol C. from Diamond Bar, CA says:

“I recently started using the Calm app before bed and I love it! Doing a 12-13 minute meditation session right before bed really relaxes me and allows me to sleep through the entire night. They also have sleep stories that I love! Instead of leaving the TV on, I shut everything off and put a sleep story on, I love the background nature noises as well. I highly recommend this app, it’s definitely worth the subscription!”


Stephanie D. from La Paz, Bolivia says:

“Having a hot tea before bed and having the bedroom completely dark (no lights, no TV, heavy curtains).”


Linnea Z. from New York, NY says:

“Manage blue light throughout the entire day, not just at night. I have fl.ux installed on all my devices to slowly transition to warmer colors as the day goes on without having to remember when to put on blue blockers.”


Imane M. from Montreal, Canada says:

“Have a skincare routine and take the time to massage your face, smell the products and breathe. You’ll sleep like a baby.”


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