Does your summer beauty routine need a shakeup? Ours too, but not at the expense of our wallets. That’s why we tapped a makeup artist we admire (hi, Yacine!) to show us how we can easily upgrade our usual summer beauty routines by using some of the beauty staples we already own—plus a little help from BoxyCharm’s crazy-affordable July box (we’re talking 4-5 full-sized, NEW products worth over $100 for way less than a spin class). Read on for Yacine’s tips for getting more out of your makeup bag, and scoop up BoxyCharm’s July box here (P.S. enter code BOXYPERKS at checkout for a free GlamGlow mask!).



MAKEUP FORMULA #1: Perfect Your Skin Prep 

What You (Likely) Already Own: Cleansing Water Cloths + honey + brown sugar
The Shakeup: Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask + Luxie Gaea foundation brush 

Why you should try it: Before applying makeup, skin prep is key! Making sure your skin is freshly clean and taking the time to do a face mask can revive your complexion, as well as bring back maximum moisture for smooth makeup application.

What to do: Clean skin with a gentle water cloth. Mix brown sugar and honey together in a bowl for a DIY mask and lip scrub. Then, rub the mask gently on your lips, leaving the residue on for a quick and natural lip mask. Lastly, apply a mask like Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask on your face and neck using the Luxie Gaea Foundation Brush. 

What’s the “shakeup” element here?: Using your pantry! Also, using a foundation brush for a mess-free mask application ensures you’ll use the right amount of product without wasting any. 

Any other pro tips? Try leaving the face mask in the fridge, which adds a cooling and de-puffing effect. And don’t forget your neck while applying your mask or any skincare!


MAKEUP FORMULA #2: Killer Eyes All Day and Night

What You (Likely) Already Own: Concealer + eyeliner + water or Setting Spray 

The Shakeup: Butter London Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palette + Luxie Gaea foundation brush + Lashaholic Instaglam Lashes

Why you should try it: This hack is the best way to take full advantage of ALL your eyeshadows, including the palette featured today, with an application that stays all day.

What to do: 

For daytime eyes…

Use a fluffy brush to create a nice veil of shimmer on your eyes. Feel free to mix colors and create your own combination. Then, wet a small angle or pointy brush and create a shimmery liner that will bring some discreet light to your eyes, or opt for a classic graphic eyeliner with the matte shades of the palette! 

For nighttime eyes…

When you want to give more dimension to your eyes or transition to your night look, use the smaller brush from your kit to smoke out any of the matte shade on your lower lash line and/or on your crease. Then, throw some lashes on or just apply mascara. Finally, use a gel liner on your waterline and add as eyeliner. If you want to go with a super shimmery look for the night, just wet a small flat brush and apply to get an extra metallic/wet effect! 

What’s the “shakeup” element here?: Using water to “play” with and amp up all the colors and textures, as well as opting for shimmery shadows over the classic matte. 

Any other pro tips?: Prep the eyelid with a tiny bit of concealer to help create a perfect canvas for your shadow colors and add longevity to your makeup. 


MAKEUP FORMULA #3: Summer Glowy Goddess 

What You (Likely) Already Own: Nude Lip Liner 

The Shakeup: Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask, Butter London Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palette and Alamar Mother of Pearl Glosses 

Why you should try it: This combination is all about the perfect summer glow. It’s a “no makeup makeup look” that leaves your skin looking dewy and your lips moisturized.

What to do: Wear your veggies with a mask like Elemis’. To ensure a glowing complexion during the hottest time of the year, it’s important to stick to a regular masking plan to maintain your skin’s clarity and hydration throughout the summer. Fighting dryness and dehydration, while brightening your complexion, is key to creating a glow using less foundation and concealer. Keep it simple on your eyes with a single swipe of a shimmery shadow from a palette like Butter London Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palette. Then, take your lip liner and color your entire lip. If you want to give your lips a little more volume, cheat by adding a tiny bit of lip liner around the outline of your upper and lower lips (just leave the corners as they are! It will look more natural). Finally, apply Alamar Mother of Pearl lip gloss for a super moisturized and shimmery pout. Be adventurous! This is a good time to play with different colors to transform your “natural” lip color. 

What’s the ‘shakeup’ element here?: Achieve a goddess glow by embracing glossy products and nourishing your summer skin. 

Any other pro tips?: Make sure your eyebrows are groomed and defined as much as possible for an even more polished look.