There’s nothing better than a good beauty tip. We’re talking an actual, top secret tried-and-true method that beauty lovers and professionals swears by. Everyone has one, even if you don’t realize it yet, and in partnership with BoxyCharm (the ultimate beauty secret) we’ve convinced six social media makeup and skincare goddesses to share their most coveted hacks. Read the roundup (first seen in this week’s newsletters!) below.

1. Jacqueline Laurean Yates, Digital Style + Beauty Reporter for Good Morning America:  “For really supple soft skin, add a few hydrating essential oils to your bath. You’ll pop out of the tub feeling like a newborn.”

2. Former Hearst beauty editor Kate Foster:“You’re never limited to the makeup finish you find in the bottle. Mix in a few drops of your favorite skin care oil or luminizing serum to add dewiness to an otherwise matte formula.”

3. The Vike Twins: 

Inessa says: “Always use moisturizer right before you put on your primer. This way your skin is moisturized, and the primer works to hide your pores, creating a really flawless finish. To maximize the hold, I also recommend using setting spray while you apply your makeup.”

Alina says: “Create a beautiful matte lip without having an actual matte lipstick! Apply your favorite lip liner and a satin lipstick. On top, pat on a translucent powder with your finger, tapping gently. Boom! You got yourself a beautiful matte lip without all the creasing and dryness that can result from a liquid matte lipstick.”

4. Vic Styles: “I use Manuka honey every morning as a mask. After I wash my face, I apply Manuka honey directly onto my skin and leave it for about 15-20 minutes before rinsing off and moisturizing. Manuka honey has amazing antibacterial properties–it’s anti-inflammatory, packed with live enzymes and tons of nutrients. It also helps to fight acne, balance the pH level of your skin, and keep skin super soft because it’s an emollient. I truly can’t live without it!”

5. Makeup artist and beauty educator, Amanda Lee Hill: “For a deeper natural tan, use a cream bronzer BEFORE you apply your foundation. Blend your foundation on it, and then top it off with a touch more when finished. Glow girl, glow!”


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