Fashion week is a time of year that, for style insiders, is kind of like a holiday—it’s exciting…and also extremely hectic. With back-to-back runway shows, parties at night, and events in the morning, models, designers, influencers, and editors often prep for fashion week the same way one might get ready for a marathon. Lots of water. Lots of healthy food. Lots of sleep. Rinse and repeat. NYFW might be over, but the style gurus have left the states to keep the party going in London, then Milan, then Paris. To commemorate this thrilling time in the industry, we asked world-famous blogger Tezza, who has almost 800,000 followers on Instagram alone, to share a typical day during fashion week.

What was your first fashion week experience like? How has it changed now that you’ve become a pillar at these events and shows?

My first fashion week experience was so incredible. I started shooting backstage for designers and makeup artists which was super cool and a great way to see behind-the-scenes of what goes into the productions. I remember at my first show I really felt like a little kid in a candy store trying to absorb the millions of exciting things happening around me. It’s so cool to see the street style and the actual runway shows. So many unique looks and just non-stop inspiration!

Now that I’ve spent a few seasons on the other side of the curtain, it’s a whole new deal. Having the opportunity to actually work with the designers and be dressed in their clothes for the show is such a dream come true! It’s something I never thought could happen and I am incredibly excited to be a part of it.

Can you share a typical day during fashion week/month? 

8 A.M. We’ve probably been up for a few hours getting e-mails done and prepping for the day. Around 8am we will head outside to shoot street style looks then plan out what posts I have that day, where we will capture the content, and how to carry everything I need…it’s a madhouse!

10 A.M. Usually headed to a show right off the bat! 

3 P.M. Most likely shoving a granola bar in my mouth as I head to the next show! If I’m lucky and catch a break in my schedule I’ll meet my team at a nearby coffee shop and get some other work done as quickly as we can.

5 P.M. In the car changing for another show and simultaneously trying to edit a photo to get my post up!

8 P.M. Leaving my last show for the day and headed to an event or party. Crossing my fingers that they’ll have some food there! This season we’re going to be better at packing snacks and meals in my prep bag…hopefully.

What are your fashion week go-tos for coffee and lunch? Any hidden gems in NYC, Paris, Milan, or London?

NYC: Love sneaking away to the top of Soho Grand— it’s right by Spring Studios and always pretty peaceful and quiet during fashion week so I love spending time there.

Paris: Creperie Gigi!! Soo good…such a great snack in between shows. Also, Wild and the Moon is perfect for grab-and-go–it’s all gluten-free and vegan! 

Milan and London: I haven’t had enough time in these cities to find any favorite spots, but hopefully soon! 

Since fashion isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem, can you share one thing that you stress about during or before this busy time? 

There really is so much glamour but with all that commotion comes a lot of stress! Just being able to make it to every single event always scares me a bit. To see a schedule packed to the brim is an instant “oh my gosh!” But by the end of the day I’m always happy that I was able to do it and see all that I saw. 

What or who are you most excited to see this fashion week?

Hmm that’s so tough, they all are special in their own way! But definitely Tibi— always such a fan. The looks are something I will wear all year round and my cousin usually walks the show, so that’s just an added bonus! 

Fashion week shows and events are great ways to see what brands have been working on, but there’s also a business aspect to these gatherings. How do you incorporate business into fashion week?

We are always taking meetings during fashion week, just shoving anything into the short breaks we find in my schedule. It’s a crazy time but it brings a lot of people together from all different cities so it’s a great opportunity to get some face-time. Also, there’s always someone going to the same show or standing on the same corner as you, so you gotta be ready to network at any minute!