Amy Zitelman can tell you how to get to Sesame Street… or at least to the best sesame paste, aka tahini. As co-founder and CEO of Soom Foods, she and her sisters create insanely addictive versions of the Middle Eastern staple, along with date sweeteners and gluten-free, dairy free chocolate spread. But with a growing business, a small kid, and a spot on a competitive bowling league, Amy’s got a lot on her plate besides pita bread and hummus. Here’s how she takes care of herself.

What are bad habits you’ve dropped?

  1. Being on my phone at night. I typically put my phone on silent and leave it charging in the kitchen around 9 p.m.
  2. Instagram. I see its benefits but it isn’t a productive tool for me. It is, however, a very meaningful medium for Soom Foods to connect with its audience.

What are good habits you’ve added?

  1. Reading! I read when I get into bed pretty much every night.
  2. Stretching in the morning and evening. It helps me feel limber and energized throughout the day and more relaxed at night. 
  3. Preparing for the next day the night before. I pack Henry’s lunch, clean up the junk in my inbox, and check my calendar to make sure I know what’s happening tomorrow. 
  4. Drinking a large cup of water as soon as I wake up.  I love feeling the hydration creep through my entire body.

How do you keep yourself balanced?

I wear comfortable shoes and clothes and stay hydrated. If I’m having a heavy computer day at the office, I purposefully take breaks, like getting up and moving when I can. My goal is to stand or move for five minutes if I’ve sat for thirty minutes or more. 

How do you de-stress and relax?

My husband Darren and I are in a bowling league. It’s on Wednesday nights and usually ends up being my favorite night of the week. It’s a chance to meet with a community of friends and have some friendly competition. I also love practicing yoga. It’s physically beneficial for my body, but also for my spirit and mind. I feel energized and refreshed after practicing.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 

I average around 7 hours [of sleep] each night. I’m usually in bed around 10 to read and I’m asleep by 11 because Henry is usually up by 6.

Do you have a favorite wellness trend? 

I love the new-found appreciation for good fats and continued interest in Mediterranean-inspired eating. Olive oil, yogurt, fresh fruits, lots of vegetables, and seafood are some of my favorite foods.   

What is your favorite healthy food?

My favorite food happens to be tahini. I drizzle it on yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, blend it into a smoothie or shake, make a sauce or dip out of it for proteins or veggies, or make a spread with it for sandwiches. I love its peanut butter-like warmth and flavor, creamy consistency, and the way it makes me feel: full, satisfied, and nourished!