Girl, online. Tezza is a photographer, author, and the founder of By Tezza, an online shop selling sunglasses, Instagram presets, and photo collage kits created to help you “turn your home into a work of art.” Now, Tezza’s approach to content has changed to reflect our current reality as she encourages her followers to support small businesses and foster compassionate communities.

Here’s how this Instagram expert redesigned her dream job while working from home.

What’s your outfit situation?
I have days where I fully get ready… blazer, jeans, and a pair of slides. It makes me feel so much more productive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never pass up a cozy set, but I still like to get ready.

How has your skincare routine changed?
I find myself taking more time than I used to. Actually letting each product soak into my skin, and enjoying luxuries of keeping products in the fridge to enhance the effects! In the morning, I use Caudalie Vinosource CreamSuper Amino Gel Cleanser from Summer Fridays, and Virgin Marula Face Oil from Drunk Elephant.

How has the pandemic changed your creative process?
I am someone who loves a good shooting location. So walking the streets to find that perfect spot to match my outfit no longer exists, but it has gotten me to push myself creatively and see how I can look at a space and make something of it! I don’t think I have been posting as much as usual, but I have been enjoying posting more story content. Tutorials, sharing small businesses, doing [Instagram] Lives, and connecting with my community more than ever.

How is the pandemic changing the way you think about your job?
It’s made me really think about how I can use my influence to share important messages and help people. It’s a good reminder that if you have a platform, use it to help and uplift people; it’s something we should be doing all the time, not just when the times get tough.

What message do you think is the most important to communicate with your followers at this time?
Use your power for good. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you have the power of your voice. Whether you have a large or a small platform, it is our time to stand up and help! We are all in this together and if we can come together through giving, community, and love we can make change.

What are you hearing from your followers about what they need right now?
For some people, I try to be a creative outlet, a break from what is going on in the world. That seems to bring some people peace and comfort. But it really is all over the place. So many people are looking for jobs or trying to survive as a small business. Some people need a break from social media. Some people need to to feel like things are normal.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken and shared while in quarantine and why?
I would have to say the series we created using things we found on Amazon. Sometimes when I am out of creative ideas, I go on Amazon and see what random products I can find. This time we found a blue sheet, Vaseline and some good old natural light to create a vintage inspired series of portraits showcasing some jewelry with a ‘70s-inspired foggy lens.

Zoom calls: makeup or no?
A little mascara makes me feel good, so you bet!