The silver lining about a socially-distanced summer: you can still visit your favorite beach, hiking trail, or park, and you don’t have to awkwardly show up at birthday drinks for your ex’s sister just to prove “it’s all good.” But alas, while it’s easier than ever to stay six feet away from your really talkative neighbor, it’s still a challenge to socially-distance your skin and clothes from summer sweat.

That’s why we’ve tested some easy self-care solutions for a dry, smooth, and very cool summer—because after day four million of quarantine, we all deserve our time in the sun.

So you want to wear a tube top… with no drama:
A celebrity stylist hack for raising and defining the waist, tube tops are a beloved summer staple for flirty looks IRL and on IG. But if you’re prone to boob sweat (yep, we said it), try choosing a top with a flounced silhouette, which keeps fabric up, up, and away from your skin. There’s also Megababe Bust Dust, a talc-free powder that’s super absorbent and proven to keep your bra, bikini, and tube top dry and mark-free. Ditto for Megababe’s Rosy Pits deodorant, which smells lovely and stops summer sweat stains.

So you want to keep jogging… but not keep chafing:
Running has become a sanity saver for millions of women during quarantine, but as leggings give way to shorts, it’s super common to experience thigh chafing, burning, and irritation. To stop it, make sure you’re wearing running shorts that help protect your thighs. (We love this simple pair from Girlfriend Collective that’s ethically made and available in a full range of sizes.) Plus, we’re kind of addicted to Megababe’s Thigh Rescue, because it’s a super-exciting product that actually works.

Ok, what about wearing a mask… without friction on your nose or cheeks:
Oh, didn’t we mention? Thigh Rescue doubles as an anti-chafe under a tight face mask, too 🙂

So you want to spread joy… not germs:
Grabbing a to-go cocktail is this summer’s guilty pleasure, and it seems even Chili’s is offering takeout beer, wine, and frozen strawberry margaritas… which means we’re in truly unprecedented times. But without hand sanitizer, it’s tough to safely sip your favorite Happy Hour flavor without feeling a little stressed. Enter Megababe’s Hand Sanitizer, which uses a vegan formula with botanical infusions to keep germs away but let hydration stay put in your skin. (As for hydration in the rest of your body, make sure to drink plenty of water after that summer tequila shot to avoid a morning hangover!)

So you want to… be (really) ready for a beach day:
Make comfort a shore thing when it’s time to make waves. Grab a pack of Megafresh Wipes to handle any down-there situations like bikini-bottom sand cleanup, quick period fixes, etc. And since we’re more excited for a beach day than ever, we want to make sure our skin has extra protection from a much-deserved long lie in the sun. Enter Beach Paint, a melasma-blocking formula that adds complexion protection—and reduced risk of freckles and dark spots—to your skincare arsenal. (As for the massive Gucci beach bag you keep threatening to add to your cart, listen—it’s not a “no” from us, okay?)