27 Things Our Readers Are Saving Up For

In our latest dedicated issue we asked you to tell us one thing you’re saving up for in celebration of our partnership with Ellevest, and all of your answers were inspiring, heart-warming, and charming. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below, so that you can get into the saving spirit with us and Ellevest.

“Love this incentive! One thing I’m trying to save up for right now is my own apartment. Renting is great, but the satisfaction of owning it myself is motivating me to swap $5 lattes and lunches out for at home coffee and meal prepping!” – Regan P. 

“I’m saving up to pay off my student loans… it’s not glamorous but I’m determined to be debt free by the time I turn 30 (currently 26).” – Haleigh C. 

“I’m saving up for two things: First off, I made a New Year’s resolution to save $5000, and getting there has been tough; Secondly, I’m saving for a week-long trip to Iceland I’m taking in September!” – Emily G.

“I am saving up for a trip in August after I take the North Carolina Bar at the end of July.” – Samantha U. 

“LASIK and a Cadillac Escalade. #momoffourgoals” – Jennifer W.

“I’m saving up for a trip to Paris with my mom this summer for my 25th birthday!!” – Liana G

“I am saving for two big things: my 50th birthday extravaganza two years from now and a house/land (which in Southern California seems less likely by the day).” – Monica H.

“I’m saving for a trip to London and Copenhagen to visit friends. I’ve never been to either place as an adult!” – Kendra C.

“Saving up to rent or buy an apartment on my own in NYC!” – Fabiana B.

“I’m a college student interning in Washington D.C. For the summer at the Smithsonian! I am saving up so that I can join a gym and get in shape! I have a dream body goal, and now I just need somewhere to achieve it!” – Alexandra B.

“Saving for a Viking River Cruise down the Danube River for my daughter’s college graduation!!” – Kathleen J. 

“I’ve been saving up to quit my boring job and travel around Europe for two months and then look for a new job. 😊 💃🏼” – Adriana R.

“As a blogger, technology is super important, especially my Mac! I’ve had the same MacBook for a few years now and am saving for a new laptop as well as a monitor! Constantly reminding myself of my goal as to not overspend each month.” – Madison C.

“Right now, I am saving up to send my daughter to college! She’s a bright and sweet girl who has faced some MAJOR challenges and losses in the past few years, but she is graduating with honors next week. After two years in community college she hopes to transfer to a four-year university, so single mom here had better be ready for that impending expense!” -Danielle B.

“I am 24 and saving up to build my own house next year! Cha-ching!” -Morgan C.

“I am saving up for a trip for my mom and I to just spend time with each other and have fun. She deserves to take time off from work and relax.” – Alexa B.

“Currently trying to save up to buy my first house and prove to myself I can do it on my own without any help!” – Kasey T. 

“My goal? To save up and get my butt back to school. #FIT class of 2022…or ’23…here I come!!!” – Amanda S. 

“My honeymoon! I’m getting married in 25 days (?!?!) and we’re going to the Virgin Islands in early August.” – Alyssa F. 

“I’m saving up to rent a camper so I can drive around and explore Iceland on my own.” – Cara S.

“I’m saving up to one day open my own business! I’d love to combine my passion for technology, gourmet food and music, and then turn it into a career.” – Jenna B. 

“I’m saving up for more travel. I want to see the world and experience different cultures and in order to do that, I need to put away money into my Travel account with each paycheck. I take short vacations here and there but I’ve always held myself back from taking time off work because I feel obligated to work.” – Stephanie C. 

“I am saving up to take my sommelier level 1 exam in New York in September.” – Mindi T.

“I like to spend money on things that aren’t material. In the long run, I think that’s what will make me the happiest. Right now, I’m saving up to go to Bali. It’s always been the #1 place on my bucket list!” – Emily M. 

“I’m currently saving up for a 2 week backpacking trip with my man through the Scottish Highlands and Ireland in October!!!!” – Montana F.

“I am saving up for my retirement (it’s never too early)!” – Carolina C. 

“My Aussie fiancé and I are planning a destination: Hawaii wedding. Traveling is going to be expensive so we’re saving up to provide accommodation for our family.” – Barbara E.

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