5 Phases We All Go Through At a New Workout Class

New types of workout classes are popping up just as quickly as the next pressed juice store. Chances are, before you book your first class you’re feeling a mixture of excitement and “OMG what the hell have I done?!” We’re with you. So we’ve materialized some of the phases you may go through when trying a new class, with some advice to be more fearless and beat those jitters.

“I’m nervous, so let me hide in the corner”
Choosing the spot at the back of the room may seem like the safest bet for your first session, but the truth is, you’re distancing yourself from the instructor. Relax and take a deep breath. Everyone is there for one reason… and that’s to work out. So don’t be afraid to pick that front row seat at your next SoulCycle class or stand closest to the instructor. It’s always best to have a clear view of who’s teaching the class to learn and imitate the best possible form. So that you’re not that one person child-posing when you should be in warrior II.

“Ugh great… a super toned person is next to me”
Don’t be surprised if you’re surrounded with athletic individuals. After all, it is a workout class. But don’t let that discourage you from trying your best and don’t let it make you feel uncomfortable. Most of the time everyone there is so deep in the zone, they’re only focused on themselves (in the mirror) and the instructor. Don’t be afraid to chat someone up in the class; you just might meet a new workout buddy!

 “OMG the instructor is so intimidating”
Trainers often come across as muscular otherworldly gods with megawatt confidence, but chances are they’re incredibly friendly and will be your number one resource. It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to an instructor before or after a class session to create a relationship with them. That way, they’ll be more likely pay extra attention to you during classes (and who doesn’t love some extra attention?).

“I can’t keep up and it’s only the warm up”
Don’t let the first 15 minutes of class determine how your performance will be for the entire session. If this is your first time trying a new type of workout, chances are your body and mind are adjusting. Different classes are meant to work different muscles, so just because you’re sweating like crazy or feeling out of shape, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. As the class progresses and as you participate in more workouts, you will start to get the hang of it.

“YAY I’m done, I made it”
Congratulations, you’ve survived your new workout class. Whether you hated it or loved it so much you’re booking your next session ASAP, you did it, so go you! After class you should ALWAYS make sure to stretch and hydrate (post-happy dance). Take this time to reflect on your experience, keeping in mind that not all workouts are made for everyone and some take several tries to get into the swing of things. If you enjoyed your new workout then definitely stick with it to establish a routine. If not, move on and try something new— now you have tips to calm those first-timer nerves!

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