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Home Tour: Lauryn Evarts

So if I could be something other than a blogger, I’d work in interior design. There’s something so satisfying about putting the whole thing together. Although it’s really never finished is it…?

Here’s the thing: if you’re decorating a home on a budget but still want to be chic, I have some easy, quick tips for you HERE. Trust me, when I lived alone my budget was TIGHT. Get creative & make it work because A.) it’s your home, it needs to be your sanctuary,

B.) having a pretty home is a happy home, ambience is key, & 3.) YES, YOU CAN DECORATE YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET. It’s actually very easy if you pull from different places.

I personally love to mix it up with light & dark tones, especially if you live with your significant other. My personal taste includes lots of contrast. Check out my favorite places to shop, tips for adding dimension, & links to some cool artwork HERE.

– Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential 


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