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Katia of Birchbox’s Morning Routine

As the co-founder & CEO of Birchbox, Katia Beauchamp has revolutionized the beauty industry. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Katia noticed that no one was buying beauty online—and decided to change that. Now Birchbox, which will celebrate its seventh birthday in February, has over one million subscribers and has come a long way from providing beautifully curated samples in a Instagram-worthy box. They’re a beauty e-commerce powerhouse with helpful descriptions of products and millions of reviews—making them the best way to buy beauty online. In addition to running her successful company, Katia is also an investor on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Fashion Startup, where she listens to pitches from entrepreneurs hoping to achieve her level of business savvy. So what does this Birch-boss do in the morning? Scroll down to read her busy morning routine.

6:45 A.M. I wake up to the sound of my two-and-a-half-year-old twins, Alec and Guy, talking and singing to each other in the next room. I’ll snuggle for a bit with my husband, Greg, then do a quick stretch and check my phone for any important texts, but don’t look at my email yet.

7:00 A.M. I go get the boys and we watch the Today Show together on the couch (they are obsessed with Al Roker!). Then I make them breakfast – usually french toast, oatmeal or eggs – while Greg makes us coffee.

7:30 A.M. I hop in the shower while Greg gets the boys dressed. I swear by Whish Shave Cream because it’s so moisturizing that I don’t need to put on body lotion afterwards. I also love Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser. I wash my hair a couple of times a week and only at night, so my morning shower is quick.

7:45 A.M. I layer my skincare products, starting with the lightest. First it’s Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid Oil-Free Moisturizer, then a Caudalie serum and Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Undereye Serum. I’ve been going for a fresh-faced, no-makeup look yesterday and my routine takes less than five minutes and requires no tools. I keep it simple and stick to eyebrows, some mascara and undereye concealer. My favorites right now are Smashbox’s BB Cream for Eyes (instantly makes my skin look smoother), Benefit Cosmetics’ Gimme Brow and They’re Real! Mascara.I’ll also add some W3LL PEOPLE mineral powder with a teeny brush to camouflage any red spots along with a bit of blush (like this Milk Makeup cheek stain).

7:50 A.M. If I’ve washed my hair the night before, I’ll run a curling iron through it for about five minutes and then use some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to make it look big and tousled. That’s it! If I didn’t wash my hair the night before, I’ll just put a little dry shampoo in and maybe spruce up a few sections with the curling iron for 60 seconds or so.

8 A.M. I get dressed and finish with a spritz of Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land, which is feminine and a little bit floral – but with an edge.

8:30 A.M. I’ll take the boys to their preschool down the street from our Chelsea apartment and then walk 15 minutes to the Birchbox office in NYC’s Nomad neighborhood. On the way, I’ll take a call or check my emails.

9:00 A.M. I eat breakfast once I get to work – usually a Chobani yogurt. I’m usually in meetings for the majority of the day, but every day is a bit different – sometimes I’ll have more time to spend at my desk gathering my thoughts and learnings together to share with the team. I’m obsessed with building a beauty company for women who aren’t obsessed with beauty, so right now we’re focused on evolving our user experience to make easy for our customers to get the best products whether they want to be completely passive or have more control over customizing their subscription.

Fall in love with Birchbox here. | Photo via Lindsay Brown

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