November Letter From the Editor

The end of the year is always a hectic time filled with last-minute gifts to buy, goals to achieve, and deadlines to hit. With so much going on, taking time each day to focus on gratitude can be last on our to-do list (behind laundry). November is the perfect time to start making gratitude a priority and think about the most important things in our lives. With some help from our Newsette Network ambassador program, we decided that November’s theme will be Giving & Gratitude. This month, instead of having an editorial theme that will guide the topics you see in the newsletter, we’re going to be highlighting one charity a week with a link to give you the chance to make a donation if you would like to do so. We will continue to serve up articles about fashion, beauty, business, and lifestyle, while bringing awareness to causes that deserve some added spotlight. I invite you to comment below to suggest a charity we should feature, or to just leave your thoughts about this letter.

P.S.- We at The Newsette are thankful for a lot of things, including you. So starting right now until the end of the month we will send you a $10 Starbucks gift card for every 5 friends you invite to subscribe (with no limit to how many you can receive). All you have to do is ask your friends to use this link (, and you’ll be sipping lattes on us.

Until next month,

Daniella Pierson

  • Kiva is an amazing non-profit that works on the basis of loans. A person applies for a loan through Kiva to start a rice field, purchase cattle, start a school or whatever they need most. Then donators (us!) loan the money through Kiva. Then as they can, the borrowers repay the loan and the loaners use the money to fund another project! Their slogan is “it’s not a donation, it’s a loan.”

  • What a great idea! Two of my favorites are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Kind Campaign (also Lauren Paul, co-founder of the Kind Campaign, is the absolute cutest)! Both of these charities are very close to my heart!

  • Giving & Gratitude such a wonderful idea. Any animal charity is always a good idea!
    Human Society or ASPCA.

  • Savananah Thompson Says:

    I would love to see some spotlight on the Red Cross especially after the hurricane in Haiti!

    Love what you guys do! Keep up the fantastic work.

  • My sorority, Delta Gamma, has a foundation called Service for Sight. Service for Sight supports the 4 schools founded by Delta Gammas for the visually impaired and other North American organizations (such as the Braille Institute) that promote sight preservation and provide assistance to children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. It would be so great to have Newsettes help out this cause that I have been part of for four years now! <3 It would be so cool to have The Newsette collaborate with my University chapter.

  • Sack Cloth and Ashes. Maybe not the typical charity- but buy a cute and useful blanket, and they donate one to YOUR local homeless shelter.

  • I’d love to see some opportunities to donate time/other resources, because I can’t be the only girl here on a budget! Some ideas of helping homeless people in your area or volunteering at animal shelters would be great 🙂

    • Newsette HQ Says:

      Such a fantastic idea Jacquie. We’re going to make a note to include charities that people can donate their time to because sometimes that can be even more helpful than money!

  • You should definitely include something that helps underprivileged kids in America! There are plenty of great charities. Love what you guys do and LOVE this theme!

  • Simply the Basics is an incredible NPO that provides hygiene kits to low income families and the homeless with a mission to improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals in need. They draw resources like lotions, tampons, shaving cream, toothpaste and toothbrushes, etc. from other nonprofits that have no use for certain items in addition to taking donations from kind individuals. Hygiene is a simple thing that allows us to feel good about ourselves but we don’t necessarily think about how difficult and demoralizing it can be to not have the access to items that can make all the difference in a person’s life. Simply the Basics is changing this. It’s absolutely heartwarming.

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