Alejandra Alonso Rojas is a designer in New York City, known for her unique pieces that serve women, not trends. Born and raised in Madrid, Alejandra is a fourth-generation hand-knitter, and combines traditional and experimental knitting techniques to create coveted, collectible pieces. Using the finest materials, and flawless tailoring, her designs pay homage to her heritage and to a method of making clothing that values quality above all else. Even better, this CFDA member supports responsible manufacturing and sustainable production practices. Wondering how someone becomes a designer worthy of being featured in Vogue? Keep reading to find out.

What was your first job out of college? 

My first job out of college was with a couture designer in Madrid. He was a dear friend and I learned so much working with him. 

What was your college major? Did you feel like your major was necessary for the field you wanted to work in? 

Before my BFA in Fashion, I went to business school in Madrid and Paris–I always knew I wanted to start my own business someday and my family encouraged me to study business. I was already interning at fashion companies before I started my studies 4 years later and taking fashion classes after my morning classes. All of this extra effort made me want to be a fashion designer even more and I took it more seriously. 

What internships did you do prior to your first job?

During my time in Madrid, I interned with a master tailor and couture designer, and also at a big fashion corporation for a while (I realized I did not want to work for a big design corporation). After I finished my graduate degree at SAIC I moved to NYC and spent time at the studios of Ana Sui and Nicholas K. 

How did you land your current job? What were the steps you took?  

I ventured into starting my own business in 2014; I was so excited and ready for it. First I launched A MOI–until 2016, the brand was experimental and trend-driven, definitely something I needed to do in order to understand who I really was as a designer and to be ready in 2016 to launch my namesake brand ALEJANDRA ALONSO ROJAS. 

What was the best/worst piece of advice you ever received? 

The best piece of advice I ever received came from my father. He once said to me , “you can never be too comfortable, the moment you sit down in your chair at work and relax someone more uncomfortable will take over.” He also said that creativity comes when you are active and in uneasy situations. 

Someone I love from work once told me “expect the unexpected” and this is my mantra working in fashion…always with a smile. 

Is there any part of your role that our readers would be surprised to know?

I wear so many hats during the day, and I love all of them. I love to be challenged with new things every day.