The end of the year is a time of indulgence, cheer, and celebration—but perhaps most importantly, it’s also a time of reflection and goal-setting. What did you accomplish this year? What do you hope to do in the next 12 months? Manifesting your 2020 to-dos early can give you extra time to visualize and plan for the life you want to live next year, whether that involves hitting new milestones at work or personally. Need some inspiration for next year’s goals? We’ve partnered with Senreve—aka the celebrity-loved brand that makes luxe, versatile and timeless handbags that truly do it all—to get you started. Below, we’re sharing three goals, paired with one of Senreve’s buttery-soft handbags to help you get there in style. P.S. On Black Friday & Cyber Monday, you’ll also receive their Carte Folio ($175) with purchase.


1. Using all of your vacation days.

Between hectic schedules and looming deadlines, it can sometimes feel unproductive to request a vacation. Not next year. OOO days are part of your compensation package (it’s like leaving a paycheck on the table), and they are also an important way for you to recharge, rebalance, and continue to kill it at your job. Whether its traveling somewhere inspiring, spending time with loved ones or just scheduling some self-care days, next year, make a point to take advantage of the time off. Speaking of vacations, while you’re enjoying your days off, you should give your arms a break too. Instead of lugging around a bag, use a hands-free purse to carry the essentials like Senreve’s Aria Belt Bag, which comes in a variety of hues, including dreamy Mimosa spearmint, Pebbled ice, and Dragon Noir (our CEO’s favorite).

2. Chasing your career goals.

Are you constantly day-dreaming about a promotion or even working in a completely foreign field? 2020 is the year to believe in yourself, and take the leap. Schedule informational interviews starting in January (when most people are still merry from the holidays) with potential mentors who are in the current role you’d like to strive for, and absorb as much as possible so you can get there too. If moving up into a leadership position at your company or making an industry switch is a milestone you’d like to hit in 2020, you’ll likely need a bag that can lug around your entire office (laptop, notebook, and agenda included). Luckily, Senreve’s best-selling Maestra bag has a pocket for everything (yes, even that Macbook Pro and hefty folder) to ensure you are constantly prepared, without having to sacrifice organization. And as if getting the feeling of looking into a pristinely cleaned library every time you open her up doesn’t excite you enough–the bag also converts to a backpack, tote, crossbody, or satchel. Like that colleague who keeps reinventing himself. May we recommend this one in Dolce Butterscotch and this Mixed Leather and Suede Lavender style?

3. Starting a company.

A new year is the perfect time to make a drastic change–like leaving the corporate world behind, following your passions, and starting your very own company. From running around town meeting with potential investors to taking clients to coffee, entrepreneurs are constantly on the move, and have to always be prepared for anything (like meeting someone at a networking event who could potentially change their life). Tools we’d recommend always having on hand: makeup wipes (for blotting away any runaway mascara), mints (because coffee unfortunately doesn’t smell like roses), a reusable water bottle (since stressful meetings can sometimes lead to a dry mouth), and a notebook + pen (to allow you to take notes while avoiding looking like you’re texting someone back via your computer). And they all fit in the Voya Tote, Senreve’s answer to maximizing space while staying stylish. Our favorite colors are Pebbled Marine and Dolce Chocolate.