We’ve all heard the advice that getting dressed for your WFH day (vs staying in your high school track sweats, no matter how comfy…) can help get us in a more productive and less anxious headspace. As far as we’re concerned, that goes double for beauty routines, especially since daily Zoom sessions are now a fact of life. So we asked our 24-year-old Founder and CEO Daniella Pierson, plus her identical-but-totally-opposite twin sister Alex Aster, what’s keeping them sane in the skincare and makeup departments right now. For Daniella, it’s extra hydration and vitamins for her complexion, plus makeup that gets her a sun-kissed glow (with a side of her toy poodle, Leo). For Alex, it’s experimenting with eye color, even if nobody’s watching. And if you’d like to keep things a little bit normal, too, here’s a tip: Everything they’re using in this story is now 50% off with Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty event, happening online through April 4.


6:35 A.M.

DANIELLA: My body always wakes me up before my alarm… I head to the bathroom and build a towel fort around the sink—I’m unable to wash my face without creating a river. I use really hot water and then really cold water because I read somewhere it helps close your pores. Who knows if it’s true, but the cold wakes me up.

ALEX: Yeah, I’m still sleeping.

7 A.M.

DANIELLA: I usually listen to a podcast episode while I get myself ready in the morning for some extra motivation. I’ll turn on “Boss Files” or “How I Built This” while I pat on my skincare routine to feel like I’m being as productive as possible before my real day starts.  The Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum (50% off on April 4) is so smoothing and glowy, perfect for when I want to look like I got 12 hours of sleep, massaged my face for twenty minutes before bed, and drank two liters of lemon water. (In reality, I fell asleep at 1 A.M. with my laptop and a Snickers wrapper glued to my face.) The Murad Essential C-Day Moisturizer (50% off on April 4) helps brighten my skin too, and gives me a great canvas for the rest of my routine. Plus, it has SPF, which is helpful since I hate wearing sunscreen, but realize it’s a daily must, even if I’m only going out a few times a day to get some fresh air with Leo. After I moisturize, I click through some of the Snapchat channels I’m subscribed to. It’s my form of therapy.

ALEX:  Zzzzz.


7:30 A.M.

DANIELLA: I don’t love the feeling of makeup on my skin, so everything I use is weightless and makes me feel like I’m enhancing—not hiding—my skin. I put blush on the apples of my cheeks and bronzer on the tip of my nose and my temples so I look human, instead of like a Twilight vampire extra. (I’m super pale even though I’m half Colombian.) The CoverFX Blush & Bronzer duos (50% off on April 3) make that really easy.

ALEX: I’m up! I used to set like 12 different alarms, but I always woke up too late and felt annoyed. Now I set two at most. Knowing there’s no backup helps get me out of bed. To help curb some of my anxiety, I like to treat skincare like a morning meditation. My hero is First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (50% off on March 31). They’re my secret for soft skin and create a really smooth canvas for makeup.


8 A.M.

DANIELLA: Benefit Gimme Brow Gel (50% off on April 4) is one of my all-time favorite products because it completely defines and shapes my brows with just a few swipes. When I brush it through my brows, I look so much more put together—and if I had to just keep one product in my makeup bag, this would be it. Then I’ll do a quick sweep of Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette (50% off on April 3)—the shades are really universal and great for meetings, work, etc.—and IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (50% off on March 27) because it boosts volume and length. Neither require any skill, which is good. If you gave me an eye pencil, I would look like a kid with a crayon. Trust me on this one.

ALEX: My first step is Smashbox Photo Finish Oil & Shine Control Primer (50% off on March 25), because it gives a silky matte finish, and helps makeup stay put for a really long time.  I use the CoverFX Blush & Bronzer duo (50% off on April 3), because it makes me feel like I’m on vacation… when I’m really on my couch doing my part to #stayathome.

8:15 A.M.

DANIELLA: On a normal day, I’m in the office by this time. But even working from home,  it’s my quiet time before everyone starts sending Slack messages, and I love the alone time—it helps get me focused. Even though I’m not hungry in the mornings, I need a Venti latte with extra foam (these days I make it at home), even though I’m pretty sure I’m lactose intolerant. Oops.

ALEX: Lately I’ve been experimenting with the Lime Crime Venus Pressed Powder Palette, with a spectrum of warm sunset colors like red and orange (50% off tomorrow, March 24). I top it off with Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (50% off on March 26). It’s perfect for a cat-eye, and it’s got all-day staying power. Tarte’s Maneater Mascara (50% off on April 4) really coats and amplifies my lashes to complete the look. Even if I’m just playing around in the mirror instead of going out, it really boosts my mood. (And it looks amazing in video conferences!)

8:45 A.M.

DANIELLA: I’m in the office… or on my couch, which is this week’s office.

ALEX: I’m making coffee with the love of my life… a Breville coffee machine that I bought myself for Christmas. I sip my latte while I contemplate 5 different outfits I might wear once it’s safe to join the world again. (Sigh.)


9 A.M.

DANIELLA: I’ll put on some Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream (50% off on April 2) before my first video call. I used to never care about makeup during business meetings, but now that I have so many calls and need to represent the Newsette to so many people, I want to feel as confident as possible, whether that’s in person or over FaceTime. I want to give the person I’m meeting with the impression that I have my sh*t together. It’s amazing how much the right amount of blush, gloss, and eyebrow gel does that for me… even if I’m wearing pajama pants in the kitchen, which is pretty much what’s happening right now.

ALEX: I’m probably on the phone with Daniella—who’s already been awake for like five hours—and applying one final touch before going live on social media to check in with my followers and friends. The last thing I use is KYLIE Lip Gloss (50% off on March 28). Honestly, I never thought it would be my go-to, but the formula is great and looks just as good in person as it does in photos or livestreams.