BUSINESS: Let’s be real, when it comes to starting a biz, most of us wanna focus on the creative side of things vs. finance-related minutiae. That’s why we love… *drumroll please 🥁* Adesso360, the first-ever platform designed to help self-employed people file for the FFCRA, which gets tax credits back to people who missed money-making opportunities due to the pandemic (aka almost everyone). TLDR: They empower small businesses by streamlining their access to COVID relief—and we love ‘em for it 🥺. It’s actually super easy to use, especially since it’s built by experts in the financial industry like CPAs, tax attorneys, and fintech experts. So if you want some money back in your pocket (like up to $32k), fill out this questionnaire so you can focus on what you love most: building your empire. 👩‍💻*