How does one go from corporate law to comedy? Just ask Liz Stone (she/her). The legal recruiter loves to try new things, but little did she know that her stand-up classes would actually turn into a career. While she still hustles in her 9-5, you can catch her making crowds laugh after hours. Liz even served as the head writer for TikTok-fave game, Girl Code (which is perfect for Galentine’s Day or any girls’ weekend). We spoke to her about stepping outside of her comfort zone, finding new passions, and beyond below.

Hi Liz! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m originally from Boston and was a hyper adrenaline lover as a little kid. My mom put me in gymnastics to try and work off the extra energy, and I added diving in when I was in high school. I was on private club teams as well as my high school teams, plus maintained school work, so I was used to juggling a lot. In my early 20s, I moved to San Francisco and stayed there to go to law school. I got a job at a big law firm as a litigator, and never really imagined I would do anything else—I didn’t even know what other options I had. I practiced law for six years, but ultimately got bored with the work. I changed careers to become a legal recruiter (meaning: I’m hired to find companies and law firms the right type of lawyers). Now, I run my own business, Stone Legal Search, and also have enough scheduling flexibility to do comedy as a second career.

What inspired you to do something different outside of your career in corporate law?
I never had any interest in being a comic, but I love trying new things. When I started getting bored with my law firm job, I took a bunch of different classes for fun—stand-up, sketch writing, etc. I had no intention of continuing any of it, but I think the challenge of standup was addictive and I got some of the adrenaline rush I missed from gymnastics and diving. Somehow I kept doing it and now I work at clubs around the country and have a special on Amazon Prime.

You’re also the head writer of the Girl Code game. How did this come about?
When the Covid lockdowns started, someone recommended me to the founder of FITZ Games. I did a few writing sessions for a game they ultimately scrapped, but then they put together a team of their best female writers and asked me to be the head writer for a game called Basic Betch. We started writing together in June 2020, during a very dark time. We all logged onto our writing sessions totally depressed, but once we started writing and got in the flow we had an amazing time. We kept creating and writing games, including Girl Code. Our writing sessions became the highlight of lockdown—they felt like hanging out with my best girlfriends. Everyone on the team is hilarious, we worked stories from our own lives into all of the games, and the whole process was fun and collaborative.

What were you hoping that players would get out of this game?
We hope everyone has the kind of night where you laugh so hard you forget all of your problems—the kind night with friends you didn’t even know you needed until you have it, where even if you just met someone they feel like a long lost best friend. The game not only has hilarious cards and jokes, but also prompts people to tell their own stories so it’s different every time you play. I still laugh at the things I learned about my friends from our game nights and I love them more for it.

If you could plan an ideal Galentine’s night, what would it look like?
Definitely a night playing Girl Code with my friends. Actually, it’s all planned now!