If you’re someone who committed to working out three times a week way back in January (and now you’re lucky if you see the treadmill for thirty minutes every other week) you may be in need of some workout rejuvenation. The best way to get excited about a sweat session? Getting some exciting new gear. See our guide below on how different workout accessories can inspire you to reboot your gym goals.

Fitness Tracker
It’s almost 2018, and if you don’t already have a fitness band, then you’re a little late to the game. Invest in one of these stylish and sporty trackers that keep tab on your heart rate, food intake, and fitness progress, while helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Not only do fitness trackers look trendy with a new range of styles, but these gadgets are incredibly useful in helping calculate calories burned, activity time, and distance (so you don’t have to log those into your phone).

Try It: Fitbit Alta Wireless Fitness Tracker ($99.95)

Yoga Pants
Don’t just settle for any old yoga pants, invest in ones that can take your look from the gym straight to the streets. These pants (below) pair great with a chunky sweater and some sick booties. Pro tip: It’s also worth purchasing yoga bottoms that have a tight compression fit for a higher degree of support, which will help prevent injury.

Try It: Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Sprintweb Leggings ($120)

Sports Bra
Sports bras are no longer meant to be worn solely to keep everything in place. With an increase in the range of styles and support offered, sports bras can easily double as a top outside of the gym under a white or black see-through shirt. Give your lace bra a day off and opt for a comfortable and chic black sports bra instead.

Try It: Free People Movement City Slicker Sports Bra ($48)

Foam Roller
If you’re looking for the same benefits as getting a massage, including reduced inflammation and joint stress, as well as improved circulation, without breaking the bank, then look no further than a foam roller. Rolling regularly before and after your workout helps prepare your muscles for serious work and aids in post-muscle recovery. Once you get rolling, you won’t be able to stop.

Try It: Nike Textured 13” Foam Roller ($29.97)

Wireless Headphones
Time to ditch the headphones with cords that interfere with your workout routine. Wireless headphones are the way to go to keep things hands-free when it comes to jamming out to your favorite tunes. Wireless headphones also function as great accessories for your day-to-day outfits. We personally love the ones that come in our signature Newsette pink.

Try It: Beats by Dr.Dre Solo3 Wireless ($299.95)

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