The beauty industry is worth a whopping $445 billion – and for good reason. In 2018, we’re learning more about how to take care of ourselves, experimenting more with our looks, and embracing the latest technological innovations. Our reward? Incredible choice in the products and treatments available to us. It’s an amazing time to be interested in beauty and we couldn’t be happier!…But then there are the beauty trends that don’t quite make sense. The ones that make us go “who thought this was a good idea?!” The ones that we couldn’t help but follow on the internet, as braver souls than us tried them out. Here’s our round up of some of the craziest beauty fads in recent years. Just maybe don’t incorporate them into your morning routine…
‘Toe-besity’ – Stiletto Surgery
Ah, high heels. So beautiful and yet often so painful. While many of us still hunt for the elusive “comfortable heel,” some women decided to address the problem in a different way: they had corrective surgery on their feet. Grouped under the nickname of “toe-besity,” the procedures hit the news in 2012 for their extreme approach. The surgeries ranged from toe-lengenthing to toe-shortening to “fat pad augmentation” – whatever was needed to make shoes comfortable. At that point, why not just wear flats?
KFC Edible Nail Polish
Yes, you read that right. In 2016, KFC brought new meaning to their slogan ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ with the creation of two nail edible polishes. Available in Original and Hot & Spicy flavors, the idea was you’d apply the polish as normal and then “lick – again and again,” according to a statement from the brand. The products were only available in Hong Kong as part of a limited release and we can’t say we’re surprised they never made it to the US…
The Steam Douche
If you hadn’t heard about the lifestyle website GOOP before, it probably landed on your radar in 2015 after founder Gwyneth Paltrow announced her latest recommendation: steaming your vagina. Describing the experience as an “energetic release,” Paltrow frightened women everywhere with this advice – which would cost you $40 at LA holistic spa Tikkun. Luckily, OB/GYNs were quick to respond that this is both entirely unnecessary and potentially harmful. Cue sighs of relief across the nation.
Rubbing Strawberries on Freckles
Less sinister and just plain silly, the last fad is something where the science is still in dispute. For people who hate their freckles, strawberries are a recommended solution. By rubbing the red fruit on the affected skin, it’s argued that the citric acid in the fruit can help fade freckles. Whether the science checks out or not, we’re still all for loving the skin you’re in – freckles and all!