The cold, dry air probably hasn’t done you any favors in the beauty department. For dry skin you know to slather on a rich and hydrating moisturizer, but what about for dry and damaged strands? We’re here with five ways to rescue your winter hair so that you can have shiny, glossy locks just in time for spring.

Switch up your shampoo. The first thing you should do to reverse damage is swap out your go-to shampoo for a new one with strand-loving benefits. Look for a shampoo with nourishing and moisturizing powers and natural oils. We love Aesop’s Nurturing Shampoo because it cleanses our hair while leaving it soft and bouncy, bringing out our natural waves.

Wash your hair less. Yes, we just gave you an excuse to use dry shampoo. Washing your hair too much strips it of essential oils (a.k.a nectar for your hair). Instead, try to bring down your washes to three times a week, or if you must wash every day, focus solely on the scalp.

Use smarter tools. If drying your hair is an essential part of your after-shower routine then you might want to think about upgrading your toolkit. Most hair dryers blast heat on your strands leaving them damaged and fragile (especially if you have thin hair). Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer, however, features intelligent heat control technology that protects your hair’s natural shine. Pro tip: Always use a heat protectant like this onebefore using any hot hair tools.

Give your hair a surge of moisture. The quickest way to save your strands is to treat them with a moisturizing repair mask. LivingProof’s version (our personal favorite) leaves hair incredibly soft and knot-free after just ten minutes. Use once a week for a month for Blake Lively hair.

Go au natural. The best way to show your hair some love? To leave it natural. When you let your locks air dry or swear off heat styling for a day you prevent any further dame from occurring. Try throwing your hair in a bun or pony tail half the week to give your hair some time to breathe, and we guarantee you’ll start to see it come back to life.

Any tips you want to share?

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