We all know the fun that comes with a night out, but also the regret that arrives in the form of a hangover the following day. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, oh my! But as much as your body takes a hit, your skin (visibly) suffers too. Dullness, puffiness, and under eye circles await the next day, not to mention the possibility of broken capillaries, pesky pimples, and dry patches. Grab a detoxifying green juice or a Bloody Mary (no shame), and go through our SOS Hangover Skincare Routine to make your skin look so good, the only way people will know you went out is from your regrettable Snapchat story. Read on for our beauty version of a Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich:

The Night Before

  1. Eat a piece of fruit that is high in fructose, like an apple or watermelon. Eating a nice slice of fruit will help your liver detoxify more efficiently (whether or not this replaces or is in addition to your late-night pizza is your call), making the effects show up less on your face.
  2. Never. Sleep. With. Makeup. On. We know we don’t have to tell you this tip, because everyone from your mom to Kim Kardashian has been telling you this for years. But this is the most important step in saving your next day skin. Even if you’re just too exhausted to even make it to the bathroom sink, keep makeup wipes by your bed, next to your glass of water and Advil.
  3. If you do make it to the bathroom, double cleanse your skin. While double cleansing may be harsh for everyday skincare (especially if your skin is sensitive), it’s extremely beneficial to ensure all the makeup is off your face and all your pores are de-clogged. Start with an oil cleanser to both hydrate skin and suck out the dirt and oil. Wash with a gentle cleanser for your specific hangover skin woe (for redness, try a wash with soothing ingredients like aloe or rosewater, for dullness try a Vitamin C face wash, or for acne, try a face wash with salicylic acid which will treat enflamed pores).
  4. Pile on an overnight mask and calming eye cream. A hydrating mask is key to restoring moisture to your skin, alleviating dullness, and fighting under-eye circles the next day.
  5. Sleep on an extra pillow. Elevating your head will promote fluid drainage, so you’ll look less puffy the next day.  

The Morning After

  1. Splash cold water on your face. The chilly H20 will awaken the skin and sooth any redness or enflamed pores caused by alcohol, as well as diminishing broken capillaries. If you had a little too much fun and skipped the steps for the night before, double  wash until your skin forgives you for sleeping with drying and clogging makeup on.
  2. A mask is crucial. Opt for a face mask that’s both detoxifying (your pores are probably clogged and angry after that third margarita), and hydrating to restore its moisture. Look for ingredients like clay, charcoal, or antioxidants (your detoxifying fix), and moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and ceramides.
  3. If your skin is red or rosacea is flaring up, consider heading into the kitchen for a quick fix. Plain yogurt is shown to have extreme calming benefits, helping to soothe redness and even the worst rosacea. Bonus: it will be cold from the fridge, giving your skin extra cooling (and will feel ah-mazing). If you prefer yogurt in your parfait and not on your face, a mask with green tea or aloe will have similar benefits.
  4. Do another mask. Depending on whether you’re running off to work or Netflix-and-chilling, if you’ve got the time to do an additional mask, do it. Finishing off with a sheet mask restores much-needed moisture and hydration to the skin. If your main hangover skin concern is acne, find a detoxifying charcoal sheet mask that will hydrate at the same time. If alcohol just makes your skin dull, look for brightening sheet masks with pearl or bee pollen. 
  5. Grab some moisturizer. Top your mask off with a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture to the skin, and layer on an eye cream with caffeine, which will get rid of blood vessels that might have shown up in the eye area, helping to de-puff and illuminate skin around the eyes.  

What Else You Can Do

  1. Elevate your H20. It’s obvious for all other aspects of a hangover, but the most important way to improve your skin is through hydration. While water is the mindless go-to, multiply your hydration by drinking coconut water, which restores electrolytes, or adding a pinch of Himalayan salt or an electrolyte powder to regular water, which gets the body to absorb water quicker and more efficiently.
  2. Exfoliate. Exfoliate your body with a dry brush to increase circulation through your body, which will help the alcohol get moving out of your system faster. Tip: Remember to always dry brush up toward your heart.

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