Oh, weeks in college. Five stress-filled, Starbucks iced coffee-fueled days, followed by two nights of locking your textbooks away and letting loose. My favorite part of going out during the weekend was always dancing with my friends. By the time I got home after a night out, my abs hurt, my feet felt like an elephant had stomped on each of my toes, my legs were sore—and I was happy about it. You know why? Because I realized that hours of dancing was one of the best (and most enjoyable!) ways of working out. College is long gone, so where is a girl supposed to get this same fun workout, without resorting to being the only one dancing at a too-packed club in Meatpacking? This is where ((305)) Fitness comes in. It’s a cardio workout with a live DJ—and it’s a blast.

Newsette HQ, along with members of our Newsette Network, recently took a class at their Greenwich Village studio. Let me start with the fact that it is a seriously intense, rewarding workout—the type you feel everywhere in your body the next day, from your backside to your biceps. Next, let me tell you about how every single person in the room was smiling the entire time. Yes, even through squats. Our thighs might have been on fire, but our attitudes never wavered. The class, with its DJ-provided playlist and incredible dance moves, truly feels like you’ve been dropped into the middle of a music video. The moves are so good, in fact, that you could even take some into your next girls’ night out celebration. Below, find a few of us performing some of our favorite ((305)) choreography. We invite you to get the most enjoyable workout of your life by blasting one of your favorite songs, and trying these moves at home.

The Squat And Twist


This move is straight out of your favorite music video, and instantly works your legs, core, and backside. Our instructor recommended doing three reps of ten on each side for the best results. Feeling like Beyoncé never burned so good!

The Hip-Hop Ballerina


This one takes a little more coordination, but its a great way to work your core and warm up your heels before a sweat session. Be sure to tighten your ab muscles, to work those obliques.

The Squad March


This is that move you pull out when your favorite song comes on. Dislike “arms day” as much as we do? Grab your girls, hit the dance floor, and get those triceps moving.

Ready for more? Book a session with your friends here.

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