Hello, new shower buddies.

We all know the pain of finding the perfect pair of jeans: hours spent in the fitting room or researching online, polling for friends’ recommendations and striking out at least a few times before you finally find your new, trusty pair. Finding your perfect shampoo and conditioner can be much of the same—except instead of trying on different jeans, you have to go down the rabbit hole of testing multiple hair formulas until you find one that satisfies your hair needs (a journey that can end up costing a lot of $$ and time). Plus, your hair needs can change – think seasonal shifts or coloring, for example – leaving you right back where you started. Luckily, I’ve discovered the solution, and it’s created just for me: Function of Beauty.

Unlike most haircare companies that use a one-size-fits-most approach, Function of Beauty creates your very own Shampoo and Conditioner formulas—so that you can target your specific hair needs (like anti-frizz, hydration, oil control, protection, and more). And if that’s not enough to get you dreaming about Instagram-ready hair, they also allow you to choose the unique color, scent and name of your formulas. My searching days are officially over. Below, I share the three biggest reasons why I’ll never settle for less than customized hair care again.

  1. Most other shampoos got me wrong. My hair is wavy but also fairly fine, so most shampoos that were right for my hair type led to oily roots. Since everyone’s hair is different, I liked the fact that this company has 54 trillion custom combinations.
  2. I wanted the option of fragrance-free haircare, without having to sacrifice quality. Sometimes my allergies act up when I have too much fragrance on, so I generally try to avoid it in my shampoo. However, barely any brands offer this—so I’m often settling for lackluster formulas. Until now. Function of Beauty offers the option of fragrance-free and dye-free blends, sans changing the other important ingredients.
  3. I wanted to feel good about the products I was using. Oftentimes shampoo and conditioners can be filled with harsh chemicals, so I was eager to find products that would help me reach all of my hair goals, while also being clean and natural. Luckily, Function of Beauty uses over 60 natural ingredients, always leaves out chemicals like sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, GMOs, etc., and is even cruelty-free. What more can you ask for?
  4. This stuff works! I was hesitantas I am when I test any new beauty productbut I can happily report back that I am thrilled with my new haircare. My favorite results: my hair smells divine (like peaches), my locks are soft and my mane is super shiny. Plus, I got compliments from my doorman and my co-workers… was there something they weren’t telling me before?

Take Function of Beauty’s hair quiz (plus 20% off, exclusively for Newsette readers!) and create your very own custom formula here.

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