Amanda Chantal Bacon is the founder of Moon Juice, the celeb-loved wellness company. With three locations in LA, Moon Juice serves dreamy, healthy cloud shakes and moon shots with ingredients ranging from collagen to spirulina to customers like Gwyneth Paltrow. The popularity of the shops has now translated into the bestselling Moon Juice Cookbook and an extremely successful product line, selling its powders and Moon Juice dusts across the country, in top retailers such as Sephora, Goop, and Thrive Market. For the first in a new segment titled “Holiday My Way,” we asked this wellness guru about how she manages stress during this magical time of year. She shares her tips to staying present and her favorite traditions below.

What is your absolute favorite holiday tradition?

Putting away phones, hassles and hustles away and coming together over food with presence.

How do you manage stress during the holidays?

I’m managing stress everyday, I don’t let it build and explode during seasonal triggers.

Mediation, mindfulness and adaptogens have done me right. Through small daily habits I’ve seen great change. It’s particularly apparent when time, places and people don’t stress me out the way they once did.

What’s your favorite holiday dish?

I love pecan pie.

The holidays are all about relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. Can you describe your ideal cozy and calm day?

My husband is coming home for 48 hours this year (he’s on tour) so we have big plans to all hop in bed together, eat pecan pie and be grateful for the day together.

Gingerbread or sugar cookies?


My favorite holiday movie is…

Book! ‘Twas the night before Christmas.

What’s one gift you remember wanting as a child?

A white J. Crew sweater that I still have.

One cause I’d like to spotlight this holiday season is:

Kiss the ground.