In through your nose, out through your mouth, away with your stress. It might not be that simple, but black girls breathing founder Jasmine Marie (she / her) makes breathwork’s soothing effects seem that effortless—even when she tells us it’s really not.

We asked the CEO when she transitions from work to wind down, how she gets on the scent of a good night’s rest, and when breathwork takes charge.

5 P.M. Most times I’m taking a break by cooking or working out. I try to get to the gym after business hours. It’s when I can get a quick refresh and intentional physical activity before I do a second shift of work.

6 P.M. The actual cooking process, like mincing the garlic or chopping the onions, is a great way for me to experience mindfulness and a reminder that I’m taking care of myself amidst my hectic schedule. I currently use a box subscription that sends curated meals on a weekly basis.

8 P.M. As a founder of a startup, you don’t have typical shift times. Lately, I’ve been wrapping up work around 8, sometimes 10. Not every day is a late workday, but that’s the life of a CEO!

9 P.M. I like to use all of my senses in my beauty routine. The impact of scent also helps my brain wind down. I currently spritz some of Aveda’s Chakra 1 Grounding spray when I close my computer or right before a session to usher in some calm. It’s not just washing my face or taking a shower, but also saying affirmations and sending gratitude to my body. I start with my face: cleansing, a serum, then nighttime moisturizer. Then I have a hair routine of oils and overnight treatments for moisture depending on my hairstyle at the time. I do my routine with dim lights and candles to ease into the rest of my night.

10 P.M. Breathwork is a tool I incorporate as need be, but there are other mindful practices I use outside of it. My routines to care for myself evolve, and I’ve been intentional about developing a compassion practice around honoring my needs on the daily. Sometimes I use it while lying in bed… other times I’m journaling or getting into an Audible story to help relieve stress.

11 P.M. I love setting an intention around the type of sleep I’d like to have and how I would like to wake up feeling the next day. Does it always turn out that way? No [laughing], but the important thing is that I’m trying.