This is how she rolls. Chelsie Hill is the CEO and founder of Rollettes, a wheelchair dance team based in LA. And today, they’re hosting their second-ever Boundless Talent Showcase where community members of all ages and disabilities compete to be the next Rollettes Idol. (Not a real thing, we just thought it sounded cool.)

Here, Chelsie dishes on how each dance routine is crafted, her fav ones so far, and what The Rollettes Experience is all about.

Why did you create the Rollettes?
After being newly injured, I didn’t feel like I had friends who were like me. When I was around other girls in wheelchairs, this feeling I was needing so bad before was finally met. Once I got all of us together, it was the first time I felt like myself since becoming paralyzed.

Who decides on the choreography and music?
We have the honor of working with some of the top choreographers in LA. For the last few years, myself and Conner Lundius actually choreographed the majority of our routines! We pick songs that many people know or might be trending but also those that best represent what the vision is. I also choose songs that I connect to in the moment or what’s going on in my life.

Give us a step-by-step on how you build a dance routine.
First things first, we listen to lots of different songs, with each giving a different feeling. Then, I think about what the song looks like. Is it sad or happy? Does it make me think of a certain color? Is it inside or outside? There’s no wrong answer. Then comes the choreography. This can be quick or can take a while depending on how long we want the piece to be. Sometimes I’ll choreograph something and then see it on the girls and change it. What I love most about this is there is not one way to choreograph. I’m always thinking of different levels, changing directions, and what movement we can do depending on the space and how much time we have.

Do you have a fav dance routine?
My favorite dance routine so far would be from the ICU World Championship, which was choreographed by G Madison. Another routine I loved was when we performed in the rain at the Wings For Life. You can tell on our faces how much fun we were having!

Tell us about The Rollettes Experience. What’s going on this week?
This week we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary of The Rollettes Experience. A decade ago we had 6 girls fly into my hometown and now, we’re looking at 250 women and children from 15 countries coming for friendship, community, and sisterhood. We’re going to have dance classes taught by me, Conner Lundius, Richard Elszy, and Cedric Botelho. We’ll also have panel discussions on motherhood, advocacy, and about being boundless mentally, physically, and emotionally. There’s a ton of fun classes including a makeup one taught by Steph Aiello, a PJ party, an awards night for our attendees, and a pool party send off! Many girls that attend have either never met someone with the same diagnosis as them or have never traveled on their own. It’s a weekend for women and children to meet others like them, build connections, and create long lasting friendships.