She’s got a clue. As if Alicia Silverstone needs an introduction. But for the fans who aren’t 100% in the know, the actress has added author, vegan vitamin developer, and mom to her list of duties since the ‘90s. One of her latest ventures is hosting the iHeart Media podcast The Real Heal, where she discusses how we can heal ourselves, our communities, and the planet.

Read on to find out what sparked Alicia’s healing journey and how Cher would follow her footsteps IRL.

You’ve been in the public eye for a long time. What have you learned about self-care during your decades in the spotlight?
I was a young person out in the world but with very little foundation. No self-care and little self-worth. I loved animals so much and when I made the choice to become vegan, everything changed. My personal focus on health and wellness has been empowering, allowing me to take care of myself and others. If we’re not eating healthy, we’re not sleeping well, and if we’re not making our self-care a priority, then we become exhausted, uncomfortable, and sick.

How important is healing our communities to feeling healthy ourselves?
For most, being kinder to ourselves leads to being kinder to others in our communities. When we feel good, we start to understand what others need. Eating a nourishing diet allows us to listen to our hearts and foster compassion and empathy, which are key aspects to feeling healthy. For me, it was my desire to be the solution and not the problem in the suffering of animals and humans that led me to care for myself. Healing our communities is a big step in changing the world!

If you had to imagine Cher Horowitz’s self-care routine, how would it compare to your own?
While Cher would spend way more time on looking fabulous than I ever would, she had a solid, 100% pure-good heart. I think she and I would both be ambassadors of love and kindness. I like to think that if I sat down with Cher and explained the reasons for going vegan, Cher would want to be vegan too, and tell everyone about it!