Introducing “The Queen of Chill.” 👑 To give a bit more context on Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton’s (she/her) IG bio, she’s the founder and CEO of new-age spa Chillhouse. The 2nd gen Colombian-American grew up watching her mom take care of people and is now taking care of others with at-home products and in-store services—which you can find at her latest location in Paris. (Move over, Emily!)

Here, the born and raised New Yorker explains her journey with self-care from childhood to adulthood and dishes on her everyday essentials.

What did self-care look like for you growing up?
If I’m completely honest, self-care consisted of thinking about my weight and appearance a fair amount vs. my overall wellbeing. While the Latinx community is making major strides in being more inclusive and mindful when it comes to body positivity, my mother’s generation was very different. I was a teenage model so my whole identity was tied to being pretty and small. My skin looked bomb though—my mom always encouraged me to come in regularly for facials and body contouring treatments. Things I didn’t really need at the time, but set the tone for a healthy relationship with beauty services.

What does self-care look like for you now?
It definitely looks different. My self-care routine changes from week to week with the exception of my skincare routine. These past few months, I’ve been focused on keeping a consistent fitness regiment where I’m less focused on “weight loss” and more focused on feeling strong and confident. I’ve also been trying to get to sleep earlier. My toddler is going through a regression, so I’m trying to premeditate these moments and maximize on rest wherever and whenever I can get it.

What’s something you do to help you unwind?
Doing a home detox has been extremely calming and therapeutic. Having a clean house you’re excited to come home to makes for much easier relaxation. Self-care is also about taking care of the mundane sh*t so you can make room for new, positive energy.

What are your must-haves to get you through the day?
Going to go with Chillhouse’s face oil, gua sha, and probably Borrachito tacos and some natural wine and water. Too many things [laughing]? But seriously, those are the things I can’t live without.

Would you rather receive a facial, massage, mani/pedi, or a chill heat sesh?
Massage me all day long. I’d be Mariah Carey if I could. Google it!

And real quick for those who don’t know: What is a chill heat sesh?
It’s our infrared heat experience! Infrared, unlike a regular sauna, reduces pain and inflammation, helps ease anxiety and stress, strengthens immunity⁠, soothes sore muscle, improves circulation, and detoxes the skin.