We’re going way down to Hadestown. Taking us along for the ride is actress Lola Tung (she/her) who stars as Eurydice in the award-winning musical until March 17th. This role was Lola’s Broadway debut (however, she made a killer Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz back in the day), and what a way to burst onto the big stage. ICYDK, Hadestown is a retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice is a hungry young girl (as Hermes puts it) who goes to work in a literal hellish industrial version of Hades’s underworld to escape poverty when her lover Orpheus comes to rescue her and gets… a bit turned around. 😬

Here, we talk about Lola’s first love (aka the theater), the moment Eva Noblezada took her breath away, and more.


Although Hadestown is an adaptation of a well-known story, it’s been praised as innovative, unique, and one-of-a-kind. What makes this musical special for you?
It’s special in so many ways: the characters, the music, the set design. There’s just nothing like it that I’ve ever seen or been a part of. I actually saw Hadestown back in 2020 with my dad, and we were both crying by the end of the show. My dad plays guitar and is really into music, as am I, so sharing that moment with him is such a fond memory to look back on. And it definitely makes playing Eurydice even more personal for me.

Do you remember the first Broadway show you saw? What about the first one you fell in love with?
I remember seeing Mary Poppins when I was about 3, but I fell asleep probably halfway through the show [laughing]. When I was a bit older, there was The Lion King, which I had an immediate appreciation for. The music was grand, and there was so much work and magic in the production of it all. But I think the first one I fell in love with was Waitress. How can you not cry at She Used to be Mine, ya know?

Theatergoers are getting younger and more diverse, with representation on stage like yourself helping to bring in those different demographics. That said, did you ever have a, “Wow, I can see myself in this character” moment with anyone?
I mean, the original Eurydice of Hadestown, Eva Noblezada, was honestly that moment for me. Her stage presence was breathtaking, emotional, and something I didn’t know I needed to experience at that time in my life—it left me feeling empowered long after the curtains closed.


We’re seeing a Greek mythology revival right now with Hadestown and the Percy Jackson show. Do you have a fave Greek tale or character?
I’m starting to get more into Greek mythology because of Hadestown, so my friend told me to read Percy Jackson to learn more about it. I recently finished the first book, and it’s so good! I love characters in that series like Ares who are scary, but so much fun to read or watch.

I also loved the animated Hercules growing up. That version of Hades is hard to beat. Like, the animation, his humor—it’s classic. Then there’s Meg, of course. Oh! And the muses (Newsette note: one of whom is currently playing Hermes in Hadestown). And the soundtrack is still one of the best albums ever. I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) is such a jam.

Speaking of Hercules, we heard there’s going to be a live-action of it. Who knows… maybe you could sing said jam?
I’ve heard about the live-action news, too, and I am so excited for it! And oh my gosh, I’m not sure about that [laughing], but one can definitely dream.

And we gotta talk about The Summer I Turned Pretty. What are you looking forward to the most going into the next season? Any updates you can talk about?
I’m looking forward to being with everyone again on set, it’s been way too long. I seriously can’t wait. As for any updates… You’ll have to wait and see!