It’s officially the 5-day countdown to 2018, which means there are still (roughly) 120 hours to complete an end of the year resolution to keep the last moments of 2017 as positive as possible. End of the year resolutions are the perfect way to set your mind on a short-term goal, and then give you the confidence to carry it on to the New Year. Up for it? Scroll down to see possible resolutions to make before the year is up.

Stay away from dairy 

Celebs like Khloé Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen have sworn off dairy, in an effort to score a leaner body, better digestion, and glowing skin. Dairy can cause your hormones to wreak havoc on your skin and possibly make you gain weight, so if you’re trying to eat right and keep a clear complexion you might want to consider removing it from your grocery list. Try going dairy-free for five days, and although you might not see an immediate change in your skin, you’re likely to feel better. If you pull off the three days without cheating, then go for a month in 2018 to notice some skin-changing results.

Wake up earlier

We all wish that we could get up an hour earlier than usual and feel like a Disney Princess, but most of us either roll right back to sleep or get caught up on Snapchat with one eye open whenever we try to start our day earlier. If you want to start squeezing in a workout before your 9-5 or simply enjoy some coffee and TV before getting ready, try setting your alarm clock back an hour for the next three days. It might be a bit painful at first, but try to get up immediately after your alarm goes off, and do something that doesn’t involve staying in bed. If you like having some time to yourself before the day starts, then continue the routine into the new year.

Think happy thoughts 

The end of the year can be a bit stressful (deadlines, events, mentally going through 2017…) so try to be more positive for the next few days. We know it sounds easy, but trying to keep calm and smile can be incredibly difficult when you feel like screaming into a pillow. Try texting a happy quote to a friend, making a list of what you’re excited about in 2018, or just saying “thank you” after the barista hands you your latte. And then, enjoy every sip of it while you strut down the street thinking positive thoughts.

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