Working out can be extremely beneficial to your body. Not so beneficial? Some of the pain and breakouts it can cause. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your gym visits, we’ve put together a guide of five things to do post-workout that will lead to better skin, stronger muscles, and a happier you.
Snack up on protein. Your muscles need nourishment to recover after a sweat session, so it’s essential to munch on a protein-filled snack right after you hit the gym. We love mixing greek yogurt (full of protein) with fruits and nuts for a refreshing post-workout treat.
Clean out your pores. It’s ideal to have a full-body wash after hitting the gym to rid your pores of oil and sweat. But if you can’t get to the shower, the bare minimum you should be doing is washing your face afterwards. We like using this purifying cleansing gel to lift away dirt and sweat, and this deep pore cleansing clay to unclog pores and control oil.
Stretch. Giving your body a good stretch post-workout helps break down lactic acid that your body built up while exercising. Stretching will help you avoid soreness as well as dramatically improve your flexibility. Because who doesn’t want to be able to hit all the poses in yoga class?
Hydrate. Chances are you sweat up a storm during your fitness class. The best way to put that H20 back into your body? By throwing back a few cups of water. Mix it up by adding some fruit for a refreshing taste.
Take off your clothes. Your sweaty skin doesn’t like being touched by sweaty clothing. Period. It leads to pimples, rashes, and other painful stuff, so it’s best to shed your yoga pants and sports bra ASAP.