Fashion is a simple word that has a million different definitions, according to who you ask. In honor of the beginning of NYFW, we decided to dig into our archives and re-publish the editorial where we asked our friends from the most stylish website we know, COVETEUR, to explain what fashion means to them. Read some of the team’s dreamy answers below.

Samantha Sutton, Editor
Instagram Handle: @sideofawkward
Hashtag that defines who you are: #linkinbio (I like to share my posts!)
“To me, fashion means happiness, whether it’s wearing a dress that helps you express yourself, or pulling on a pair of pants so comfy you could live in them forever. Plus, there’s nothing like the thrill of a successful shopping trip (online or IRL), or making plans to purchase an investment piece that you know you’ll love forever!”

Jodi Taylor, Assistant Editor
Instagram Handle: @jodtaylor
Hashtag that defines who you are: #appreciate (if you know me, you know this is my word)
“To me, fashion is a way to express how you are feeling at any given point in time—I like to look at it as being an extension of your mood and personality. In my opinion, it’s one of the best creative outlets. Pro tips: never shy away from DIY or the men’s department.”

Laurel Pantin, Editorial & Fashion Director
Instagram Handle: @LaPantin
Hashtag that defines who you are: #MoreMoreMore
“To me, style is more about the little choices you make every day with what you like to wear, or who you want to be. It’s more subtle. Fashion is about spectacle and fantasy!”

Katie Becker, Contributing Beauty Editor
Instagram Handle: @katiejaynebecker
Hashtag that defines who you are: #nohashtag
“Fashion is a thermometer for the zeitgeist —how our eyes and tastes change with the times. Seeing new silhouettes and colors come down the runway or the street say so much about our collective mood and where we want to go.”

Hannah Baxter, Assistant Editor
Instagram Handle: @hannahbaxward
Hashtag that defines who you are: #tight
“Fashion is an opportunity to wear someone’s art out into the world, while simultaneously creating something new and exciting of your own. It’s a way to interact with other people who share your passion for style and craftsmanship, and is the greatest form of instantaneous self-expression.”

Leah Faye Cooper, Features Editor
Instagram Handle: @LeahFayeC
Hashtag that defines who you are: #holla!
“It’s an art form, and one that can be used to reflect and express so many different things—who you are, how you feel, the current state of pop culture. It can be an amazing means of self-expression, but sometimes, it’s just really fun to admire.”

Tara Gonzalez, Assistant Editor
Instagram Handle: @tarigonzalez
Hashtag that defines who you are: #[*insert flamenco emoji here*] Can emojis be hashtags?!
“When I was younger I struggled a lot with extreme anxiety and insecurity. Fashion was my escape. It was the words I couldn’t find to express the person I was. I vividly remember walking to my first day of sixth grade, nervous and anxious and shaking about everything–except my outfit: a white tee with embroidered sleeves, a tie dye pink skirt and knee high white boots. To me my clothing is everything, it’s the only reason I’ve been able to become who I am. Fashion can be the words we don’t have and the confidence we didn’t realize we needed.”

Meg Gegler, Audience Development Coordinator
Instagram Handle: @gegmegler
Hashtag that defines who you are: #extra
“To me, fashion is not only a form of self expression, but a reflection of you and your story. Each garment and accessory has an important meaning to each individual and is a reminder of something of the past—big or small.”

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