Have you ever wondered what your friends actually do for work? We’re not talking about the description in their LinkedIn bio, but what they actually do in their 9-5? As part of our mission to bring you more girl boss content, we’re investigating job titles to get the low-down on exactly what they really entail. Curious to know what an account executive even means? Wondering what a VP in finance does in the afternoon? We’re creating more transparency around different jobs, and the salaries and duties that come with them, to help you figure out what you’re interested in. Below, read what the incredible workday looks like for the President/CEO of an Event Planning and PR firm in Philadelphia.

Age: 30
City: Philadelphia
Industry: Event Planning and PR
Job Title: President/CEO
Years of Experience: 10
Salary: $70k

What does your job title mean? What does your job entail?
I am the sole member of Beth Lawrence LLC, which specializes in event planning, experiential marketing, and public relations. I work daily with local and national clients to tell their brand’s stories through creative events, storytelling, and activations.

When do you wake up?
I typically wake up at 7am, drink some water and either go for a run (outside) or go to the gym. Then I come home, shower, make breakfast (a coffee, cocoa, banana, almond butter smoothie) and get started with client calls, meetings and connecting with partners and media.

At 9am I am…
Sipping my smoothie and getting to work.

At 11am I am…
Usually in a meeting, in person or on the phone.

What does lunch normally look like for you?
I am not one of those people that ‘forgets to eat,’ and by noon or 1pm I am usually very hungry! I am vegan and gluten-free, so many of my meals are made at home. I typically will have a salad or burrito bowl for lunch, unless I had time to meal prep (my favorite dishes are vegan/gluten-free lasagna and pumpkin coconut curry–thank you Pinterest!).

At 1pm I am…
Usually in meetings (in person or on a call).

At 3pm I am… 
Tackling my to-do list from the meetings of the day.

At 5pm I am…
Administrative work; I am a solopreneur so I do it all!

How does a workday end for you? What time do you normally leave work?
I work from home, so some days I work until late in the evening and some days I stop right at 5pm. With events, especially on the East Coast, there are definite busy seasons (Spring and Fall/Winter) so I tend to balance myself ‘seasonally’ instead of daily.

What do you do after work? An event? Dinner? More work?
I am a huge networker, and I run a women’s networking group in Philly called Professional Women’s Roundtable, so I typically have networking ‘after work.’ It has always been integral in my development and I make it a point to help women who are starting out in their careers. Women supporting women creates magic!

What time do you go to bed? 
I love a good face mask, and I use local skincare brand Franklin and Whitman’s Midtown Village Face Mask and sheet masks interchangeably. I am also hopelessly addicted to Bravo, so I watch Real Housewives, read a book (right now I’m reading Play Big by Dr. Jen Welter) write down everything I am grateful for, and go to sleep – usually around midnight.

Is there anything about your job you’d like people to know?
A lot of people think planning events is glamorous. They picture Samantha Jones, dolled up with a clipboard in high heels and then drinking cosmopolitans the rest of the night. It’s wearing flats, 14-hour days, and imperfect makeup (if any at all). It’s planning for plan A, plan Z, and everything in between. It’s early days and sleepless nights and you HAVE to live, love and breathe it to do it.

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