We’ve all been there… Taco Tuesday getting the best of us or that work happy hour that turned into an unexpected night out. Getting up and attempting to be a real human, nonetheless getting some work done is a struggle to say the least. And something tells me with Summer Fridays around the corner, we’re going to need all the help in the hangover department that we can get. While we know it’s impossible to completely get rid of your hangover (plz someone invent a magic instantaneous cure for us all), here are some of the best ways tested out by Newsette HQ to help out.

Get an I.V. Drip

I recently had the opportunity to try out NutriDrip in New York City and my response was overwhelmingly positive. They have different types of I.V.s that you can select based off of what you’re lacking (energy, focus, hydration, etc) and they will fill the I.V. up with vitamins based on what you want to improve. I got the “NutriCLEANSE” and I kid you not, it was life-changing. I felt energized, awake, and ready to go.

According to NutriDrip, my I.V. consisted of “Selenium, which plays a protective role in the body because it increases antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow, therefore enhancing the body’s resistance against diseases and stress.” They also note, “This infusion uses the amazing detoxifying power of Glutathione (known as the “Master Antioxidant”), Selenium and Vitamin C to combat the toxic load of a fast-paced urban lifestyle. Megadoses of Vitamin C, and Methylcobalamin, B-Complex, Magnesium, Calcium Gluc, Taurine and Glutathione.”

Sweat it out in a sauna or steam room

My go-to cure for a hangover is heading to the gym to rest in the steam room. Something about sweating makes me feel like I am flushing out all my bad decisions from the night before. Whether you make a trip to the infrared sauna or head to your local spot, it is an effortless way to at least feel like you’re doing something to help yourself that morning.

Drink coconut water

If you can bear the taste, coconut water has antioxidants which can help with your dehydration from alcohol. It contains a lot of sodium, electrolytes, potassium, and needed sugars, making it more hydrating than regular water when you’re suffering from a hangover. Personally, I’m not a fan of the taste, but plug your nose and bring it into the steam room or sauna with you and get to work flushing out those cocktails.

(Let’s be real, if these don’t work just go get a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel and call it a day.)

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