Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is a certified yoga and pilates teacher, wellness coach, and popular blogger thriving on a plant-based diet. After years of struggling with anxiety, cystic acne, and an eating disorder, Melissa transformed her life and decided to pursue her dreams. Now, she shares workouts, recipes, and more on her popular site, in order to achieve her goal of guiding people to their fullest potential. She’s also a mother to a 3-year-old boy, and will be welcoming a baby girl at the end of this month. Wondering what this inspiring blogger eats in a day? She breaks it down below.


What I eat: Celery juice on an empty stomach–great for digestion. Then a bowl of mixed fruit–pineapple, plum, nectarines, raspberries. Then 3 slices of avocado toast w/ sea salt, nutritional yeast and lemon. 

The time I eat it: 7:30 A.M., 8 A.M., and 8:45 A.M. 

How I make it or where I get it: Made at home.


What I eat:  I’m not one to snack, however, if I do it’s typically a green juice with cucumber, celery, kale and lemon or a cucumber tomato salad w/ my simple salad dressing.


What I eat: Cucumber tomato salad and sweet potato sushi rolls inside out with a side of ponzu. 

The time I eat it: 2 P.M.

How I make it or where I got it: I’ll always make the cucumber tomato salad or just a large salad in general in my kitchen and if that’s not enough I’ll order in the sushi.


What I eat: I tend to have super filling meals so I don’t crave snacks but some days I’ll have coconut yogurt w/ cashews.

The time I eat it: 4 P.M.

How I make it or where I get it: At home.


What I eat: My veggie, oil-free quinoa stir fry

The time I eat it: 7 P.M.


What I eat: Being this pregnant I’ve been getting super hungry late at night so I made a slice of bread w/ vegan cheese

The time I eat it: 10:30 P.M.


Workout I did: 20-minute meditation and gentle Pilates series with the Pilates circle, focusing on arms and lower body

The time I do it: 11:45 A.M.

Overall thoughts

My back hurts! I’m 36 weeks pregnant today so major back pain from all the extra weight, but I am in full-on nesting mode and taking care of all my last-minute business stuff so I can take a bit of a break before the babe comes.

What are other wellness activities or habits that make you feel like your best self?

Daily meditation, reading my lesson of the day in “A Course in Miracles,” going for a walk outside, taking my son to the park and getting a lymphatic drainage massage.

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you’re new to my workouts, go to for a 5-day free trial. The MWH method includes yoga and Pilates-style principles to sculpt long, lean lines throughout your entire body. The slow, controlled movements are incorporated in 20-30 min videos that you can do anywhere, mostly using your own body weight.