We’ve all likely had that conversation about which Sex and the City character we most relate to. The four main stars of this iconic show represent very different personalities–and, whether you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha, like all of these characters, you’ve probably also experienced your fair share of relationship woes. Below, find our dating advice, based on your favorite fictional Manhattanite. 


If you can relate to Carrie, you’re likely creative, spontaneous, witty, flirty and a romantic at heart. These are all amazing qualities that will serve you well when it comes to relationships! However, Carrie’s downfall is the tendency to become very co-dependent on a partner. This often leads to compromising values and failing to act on red flags. If this resonates with you, it can be helpful to balance that element of throwing caution to the wind with looking at the situation logically too. Instead of getting too swept up in a moment, take things one step at a time. 

Know when it’s time to move on is also important. If you know someone isn’t right, instead of over-analyzing in private or justifying their actions, trust your intuition. Sometimes, we can be intensely attracted to someone who is toxic. It’s important to recognize and act on that to save yourself heartache. 

And remember, not all relationships have the perfect end either. Being friends with an ex who you had intense feelings for will only hurt you more in the long-run. Know when it’s time to let go.  


If you see yourself as more of a Miranda, then you’re probably highly career-orientated, an over-achiever and perhaps slightly struggling to juggle everything you have going on in your life! 

When it comes to dating and being in a relationship, people likely feel intimidated by your career success and independence. While there is no reason to play this down, finding time to relax will help you shift from work to relationship mode. Try and find space in your schedule to allow some “me time.” Perhaps practice some relaxation techniques, like meditation. This will really help create greater calm in your relationship. Also, allow the other person to take the lead more sometimes too! Let them be there for you and carry some of the load – you don’t have to do everything. 

Ultimately, it’s all about being okay with going with the flow. While you’re likely a great problem-solver, and prefer to operate in this way, being able to move with the ebb and flow of a relationship will really help. 


If you’re more of a Charlotte, then it’s all about the picture-perfect romance. You’re after the fairy tale and have a very clear idea of how you want meeting the perfect person to play out. 

While there is no way that you should have to settle, it can help to try and be a little more flexible on the “how” and “when” you meet the right person. There doesn’t have to be a timeline and even if someone is seemingly perfect for you on the surface, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t succumb to the fairy tale in favor of your gut instinct. Also, if you’re in a relationship and something is bothering you, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. 

Communication is one of the best ways to create a stronger bond in a relationship. Sometimes, communication can lead to two people realizing they want and need different things and that’s okay too. It’s better to be single than with someone just because you don’t want to rock the boat. True compatibility can’t be forced.

Certainly don’t settle on your values, but perhaps be a little more open-minded when it comes to your “ideal” person! The picture you’ve created might be different from the person who is truly right for you. 


Who doesn’t love Samantha?! If Samantha’s outspoken and proud personality is the one that you most relate to, you’re probably not short on people to date! 

While others are hugely attracted to your confidence, know that it’s okay to feel more comfortable with being vulnerable sometimes. If you enjoy the thrills of dating, sex and a fast-paced life, but are craving something more from a relationship, don’t be afraid to date people who might seem a little less exciting on the surface–they might be able to offer you that emotional connection you want deep down. If you’re in a relationship, try and be more open about how you’re really feeling.

Even though you’re strong-willed, fiercely independent and very capable of handling things that come your way, it’s okay to allow someone to take care of you too. It doesn’t make you less able or strong. You can have a balance of both worlds without having to compromise your magnetic personality! 

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